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Feast Of St. Vincent de Paul

Added: Monday, September 27th 2021 at 11:06am by iamtheeggman
Related Tags: catholicism, feast

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User Comments

Amen brother!

Hi I hope you are well~

I'm doing good. I hope you are doing ok, as well.

yes thank you I am well

The Organization named after him sure does good work. Bro. Doc

I've been involved with them for a long time.  They're always very busy with the poor

When I lived in Denver Co in Aug 81-Dec 84 I helped with their suoup kitchen and their dorm for sleeping. I shop in their thrift store lots. Bro. Doc

That's a good thing

Yes it was a good thing. 

Here in Lane Co, St. Vinnie's does lots of low cost housing. And then people can have a place to live. It is nice they do that. Bro. Doc

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