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Hp battery Issues and Solutions

Added: Sunday, July 30th 2017 at 11:00pm by hp-customer-support
Related Tags: technology

HP Support is here to guide you step by step how to resolve all the problemsfacedbythe users. We provide an independent platform to clear all the issues.  

Due to all the issues occur while working on the computer, we are here to help you. Our aim is to provide better services and best solution to all the users.  


The various issues faced by the user are:- 

  • When system is not detecting the battery? 

  • This problem happens when no battery status detected, flicker the charging battery status. 

  • Check whether your battery is damaged or not. 

  • Try to reinstall the battery. This will surely work. 

  • Still, the battery is not detected, you need to replace the battery as it is damaged. 

  • What to do when the battery drains fast? 

  • This problem happens when you unplug the charger from the computer, the battery drains out very fast. 

  • The battery works very well while the charger is connected. 

  • This problem happens when the battery gets failed.  

  • You need to replace the old battery with the new one. 

  • When the charger plug positioned at a different place? 

  • This problem happens when you plug in the charger to the system but it doesn't detect the charger and when you positioned it somewhere else, the charging starts. 

  • It is due to the charging slot of the system is damaged or pin is damaged. 

  • You can resolve this error by clearing the dust and moisture of the charger. 

  • Try again and check whether it works or not. 

  • If not, you need to go to the service center and charger should get replaced. 

  • When a battery of the system drains out very fast? 

  • Brightness and the downloading slows down the battery of the system. 

  • While downloading any software or while watching movies we increase the brightness for seeing clear but it eats up the battery. 

  • When charger doesn’t work well? 

  • You put your laptop on charging at night, but what you see on a morning, your laptop is not charged or the battery has been degraded. 

  • This problem may happen when your charger is damaged or there is any wire attachment problem in the slot. 

  • For these kinds of problem, you need to check whether your charger works with another device or not. 

  • This is clear you that problem is in the charger or in the laptop slot. 

  • If the charger is faulty, you need to replace the charger with the new one. 

For any other issue regarding HP products and battery, you can contact our Hp customer support for help.

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