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How to know if a girl likes you

Added: Wednesday, July 27th 2011 at 11:39am by howtoknowifagirllikesyou
Related Tags: relationship, dating tips

Girls use their shoes and feet as a way of subtle communication, and this is a very important part of their body language. By dangling shoes or just playing around with their shoes, girls send a strong message, meaning that they are comfortable and relaxed, while also leaving the door open for further undressing. Also, it’s no news that most men find female legs and feet attractive – a $300+ billion business a year in footwear and girl’s obsession with shoes make sense, as in one way or another they lead to get us men attracted.

Every boy falling for a girl would want his question answered, how to know if a girl likes you . This is because most guys find opposite sex mysterious, especially beautiful girls.  It is very important that you know her interest level if you want to impress a girl, take the relationship a step forward or rather end the relationship because it is just a waste of time. True enough that if you determine that the girl is interested in you then surely you will be asking her for more dates.

If you are not sure the meaning of those smiles, glances and looks. Then here are some helpful tips that you can follow to determine how to know if a girl likes you .

Do not let the girl slip away if you really like her. Learn the tips on how to know if a girl likes you and try to understand how to impress that girl.  You should be aware of any signs because all girls are different.  You must listen to her tone because if she is shy her voice could be soft and she could start to play with her hair.  If she still laughs at your most boring jokes then it is indeed a sign that she might like you.

Moreover, if a girl is interested in you, she should be excited when you start a conversation.  The smile can disappear as quickly as possible if she is shy but it could be very hard to hide a strong emotion. Therefore, how to know if a girl likes you is not so difficult after all.

It may be difficult for you to read if she is flirting.  Girls may flirt with guys whom they consider as friends yet can be exaggerated as a crush. Most girls do not have the slightest idea that they are already flirting knowing that they do not want to be obvious. So, if you see this sign, make sure not to flirt around with other girls anymore because if she ever sees you, she may take it, as she does not mean anything to you at all.

If she happens to bump into you more often be it accidental or unintentional, it could be a sign that she likes you.  She could be trying to touch you. She could just be looking for excuses but the thing is she really wanted to feel you. With this, you do what you must have to do. You can tell her that it is okay and it is fine.

Sometimes, a girl will place her hands in a subtle, but Sexually aggressive way – framing, usually over a pair of Jeans, her vagina. This is usually mistaken for a male gesture, and most times ignored. It is, however, a very strong signal. She’s then spelling-out what’s on her mind, and telling you that that is the part of her you should pay attention to. Think of it as an (most times) unconscious way for her to tell you “keep going, you are getting close”.

If a girl likes you, either she will look at you for a long time or she could pull herself right away. If she pulls away, you do not have to worry because she might just be nervous and still like you. When girls strongly pull their hair they indicate discomfort and the will to be somewhere else (or with someone else!) It’s easy to spot the difference, as this pull comes usually in an aggressive fashion.

If her friends giggles while watching you, then that could mean something.  Be observant as to how she will react because if she will also giggle then she likes you but if she will say “stop teasing”, then that could mean the opposite. So, how to know if a girl likes you ?

Watch out for exaggerated body language – It’s an obvious but very important signal you always need to notice. Often, the girl’s goal will be to emphasize her best trait (breasts, bottom, legs, hair) and to make an exaggeration out of what would else be a subtle signal.

It’s more common when you are at a bit far from her, and acts as the girl’s way of getting your attention and telling you ‘’come closer to me’’.



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