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Carrie, Morrow, Ann, Vic, Jennifer, Jason, Leigh,

Added: Wednesday, December 19th 2007 at 7:01pm by houstonjuliet
Related Tags: entertainment

I am wondering why haven't we seen Vic Morrow's eldest daughter Carrie Ann Morrow [1958], we see Jennifer Jason Leigh in the entertainment industry with her mother Barbara Turner.  Jennifer Jason Leigh was born in 1962 and she is Vic's daughter.  Vic Morrow had only two daughters, but he was married many of times.  Another thing I don't understand why was Vic and Jennifer estranged?  I also heard that Vic had a lot of girlfriends in his life too.  But Jennifer only received a $100.00 from her estranged father, and she spend it on a grave marker for her late father.  I understood that Carrie was a drug addict, and I often wondered how Carrie ended up taking illegal or prescription medication?  I often wondered if Vic did drugs in front of his children, or Carrie.  Just curious.  And I have no idea if Vic did illegal or prescription medication illegally.  I don'tunderstand why people would put theirselves in those situations.  I don't do drugs, I don't drink, and I don't smoke.  I have never put a cigerrette or a cigar pass my lips in my entire life.  I only take prescription drugs, and I follow how the doctors prescribe them, and I also take over the counter medication for colds, headaches, and other pains and aches.  I think people are so stupid when they abuse their bodies!  Well I don't know anything about the private lives of these people, but I would love to learn though.

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