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Hillary Running Again?

Added: Sunday, July 15th 2018 at 5:00pm by HonkyKong

12 Responses Created by HonkyKong on July 15, 2018


Will She?

  • No it's OVER
  • Yes Clinton Pride
  • One More Shot At The Collection Plate

User Comments

I myself think Clinton greed will over come Clinton pride. She does it to raise money and take from the base. Her life has  been about power and money all along.

You know one of the first things Hillary promised as Prez?

To amend the 1st.

Hillary will no doubt want the power and the ability to screw the nation over for fun and profit, but she has two things going against her: herself and the new Democrats.

Herself, in she practically needs an exosuit to stand up in public, and before public appearances the number of professional bricklayers she must need to slap on coats of makeup could be financially stressful, especially in a few years. 

As for the new Democrats, the diverse and the immigrants that the Democrats have dragged in her are no longer interested in having any old white person in charge, and will start seeking one of their own to put into power. This will not change in a few years, unless it's to get worse.

Age is getting them. Bernie bros were much younger and youth is comming for them. Clinton cheating Sanders MAY have been what set it in motion.

Who else other than her do they have? 

Nobody really, but after all the blaiming of so many people who would vote for her? They might be stuck.

Boy, do I hope that the Dems are actually stupid enough to nominate her again!

It's a real long shot but who else do thet have?

She will continue to try and continue to fail.

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