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Does Anybody Still Read This idiot?

Added: Thursday, December 6th 2018 at 10:13am by HonkyKong

Just wandering through and caught wind of the ongoing slop written by Victor, our resident pervert.

Seems like El Pervo has a problem with pay. El Pervo has MANY problems, being a God hating liberal is merely a start. His lack of ability is the tip of the ice bergg CLAIMING  WE ARE ALL EQUAL. NEWS FLASH...WE ARE NOT ALL EQUAL. We are NOT born eqal with equall skills and abilities.

NO two people are born equal. EVERY person is born different, some one out there maybe  equal in a given ability on a given day. But ALL things equal, not a chance. People are born with an equal chance to become something , but Democrats despite their wails and penaltys cannot promise equal results.

You liberals see many retards doing brain surgery. You ever wonder why that is idiots?Because NO ONE is totally equal, never been that way, never will be.



User Comments

Ok so I had to go read what was written. Sounds socialist to me and I do not see any socialist country that treats all equal. There are the rich (those in charge) and the rest are just flat out broke. No money no food but hey they are equal right?

I just read it, and......he's wrong.  No one, absolutely no one, is equal to another.

Identical twins may look alike, but they are opposite in many ways.  One could be left handed, the other right handed, or not.  both can have the same color eyes or not.  both can be the exact same hight, but most often one twin is taller then the other twin.  Mommy dressed them identically as a young chgild, but since they've grown up and older, they choose to dress differently.  And it's a given, though twins may look identical, they are not equal.

It would be nice, if people realized that equality isn't, it just plain does not exist, though many people seem to think it does.

It's just like belief's.  No one, sabsolutely no one believes the same way.


But, to state the obvious?

But in the USA the peeps get EQUAL rights under the law/constitution/govt.

Unheard of in any other country on earth... past, present.

= freedoms,... and etc. ...

But but but... "equal" SOUNDS so nice... well, everything liberals say "sounds" nice. But, in the world of reality, it never is.

Vic is a dumbass.

"Equality and human worth mean the same thing"

...uhhhhhh, NO THEY DON'T

...dude's confused

I went and perused some of his blogs that are closed to his gfriends for comments.  But I must say he has Trump living in his head every day all day - Trump must be powerful to have that kind of mind control over somone he will never know or not care about.  hate filled blogs about  the President. He must be bent over with so much hate hard to stand tall

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