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Added: Tuesday, February 6th 2018 at 10:59pm by highprofileagency

As an old Irish proverb says, the world would never make a racehorse of a donkey. The escort business, like any other business, runs on the laws of supply and demand. That being said, a big city escort is much different from a small town escort. Life in the city is pretty much on the first lane while a small town escort has to make do with the locals.In the city the population is high so is the demand for escorts. Here are some of the advantages of trying life in the fast lane.

Big opportunities

The best part about living in the city is that there are so many opportunities that are available. Escorts in the big city enjoy different kinds of clients, probably a different client every day for a year.Mercy, an independent Basant Nagar escort , made her first bitcoinfrom a web cam show with one of her clients.This is one of the instances where a big city escort can make decent cash without leaving the comfort of her home.


In the big city, morality is an individual burden. No one has time to judge you and everyone minds their own business. However, in a small town, everyone pretty much knows everyone else. This is the main reason escorts move a big city to start their career. To be an escort and in your home town is detrimental to both you and your family. People will judge and despise you and the same will be extended to your family.

High End Clients

 The city presents high-end clients who are willing to spend a decent coin to hire an escort. In a small town, it is usually the drunk bum who has been unable to hold a decent job or family. According to Tracy, a female Chennai escort, working in a small is not worth the emotional and physical turmoil. Small towns don’t pay enough to sustain an escort and the whole process becomes an exercise in futility. Big town escorts can afford apartments and classy makeup and clothes. This way they can sustain their lifestyle as well as attract more high-end clients.


 Working as an escort in the city is not comparable with working in a small town. In the city as much as the competition may be high so is the demand for escorts. As a client you want to go to a big city. The escorts there are better at pretty much everything a small town escort does.

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Original Source:- http://www.eioba.com/a/5nad/the-lift-of-an-escort-big-city-small-town

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