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Added: Sunday, January 28th 2018 at 10:35pm by highprofileagency
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Chennai is said to be among the fastest growing cities in India and the world as whole. For that reason it is becoming famous by day and many tourists are traveling from all over the world to just come and spend some quality time in Chennai.

There are many different attraction sites in this city. There are also different activities to keep you and your friends or family entertained and different cultures and new things to learn for the adventurous types. However there are two major spots that you should make sure you set your foot in the moment you enter Chennai. These places are:

1.        Museums

It is very unfortunate that many people and especially the locals in any city don’t know the main importance of the museums in their vicinity. One thing they don’t know is there is great wealth of information and knowledge hidden in a museum. In fact the best way of knowing the driving force behind the tourism industry in any city or town is hidden in their museums.


This is because; this is a collection of different natural habitants in the neighborhood and the country as a whole. This explains the reason why, there are a few known government museums in every big city to sell to their country’s beauty to the world through the eye of the tourist.

In the same way, there are two main museums in Chennai. There is Chennai Rail Museum and there is Government Museum. These two are the widely known museums in Chennai. They are rich in numismatic and archeological collections.

There is however a third museum known as the Madras Museum which is rich in largest collection of Roman antique. Therefore a visit to any of these museums will offer you great opportunity of learning new things about India and its environment.

2.         Fort and Palaces

Many of us only heard about palaces in childhood storybooks or watched them in cartoons. Others we were not lucky enough to learn about palaces at our early age and have come to watch them in movies in our old age.  

A visit to Chennai will offer you a great opportunity to have a look at well built and beautiful made palaces. There are two mainly known palaces in Chennai which are: Chettinad and Chepauk Palace.

Fort St. George which is also identified as White Town is another splendid landmark of this city.

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