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Second Chances

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 9:41am by Hershey-OTR

I've been having trouble getting you tube links to work on my blog page plus other links to sites. For over the 10 years I've been here I rarely had a problem with this glitch.

I'm trying another method to get the You Tube videos up.

Love on the Rocks/ Neil Diamond



Hello Again, My Friend


User Comments

Ah... success. The Blogster Gods have been generous and kind this snowy Monday morning.

Clicking on the first link got me stopped in some Spectrum (my Internet) mumbo jumbo. But, I know the song well. The second one I had to highlight then open in a new window... I had never heard that one before. 

Wonder why we're having trouble now? "Hello Again, my friend" ...yep one of his old songs that had personal meaning & fit with the phone call well.

Regrets are some of the most painful things to hit us as we grow older. Seldom can we undo the... you may well get a chance to now. Best wishes to you.

Time will tell, Nate. It would be fun to hang out with him again as he's easy to be around compared to my last relationship. Choices we make it life are of great interest to me...I think I made the best ones based on various factors at the time I made them. He lives in Northern Florida on the Florida-Georgia line in a small quaint little town with loads of live oak trees covered in Spanish Moss. It's almost like going back in a time period when life was far more simple.

Sounds like you may need to become a snowbird and give him a visit.

That's possible. The weather in Northern Florida is nornally delightful or cooler this time of year. That's why I loved that area over Tampa & the Gold Coast around Ft. Lauderdale & Miami.

Yeah, get outta this mess for a while.

Ahhhh, nothing like some good Neil Diamond to listen to right about now!

Brings back many good memories for you, I hope. There are songs of his I can recall who I was with, what we were doing, and the moment in time is very vivid.{#flower-for-you.gif}

Neil sings with such passion, his voice really grabs your attention. All my sisters adore him.

Then your sis's have good taste. I know quite a few guys who like his singing,too. You know they always sing " Sweet Caroline" during the 7th Inning Stretch at the Boston Red Socks Baseball Games. Neil surprised the audience last year & came out on the field to perform in person. After that he ended his live performing because he now has Parkinson's Disease. 

I'm a fan of his... so sad he'll no longer be performing.

Thanks Hersh, love these.. I have always had problems posting you tube videos and links in general, eventually I manage to get them to work somehow :)

Robin: didn't you have a lot of problems with other accounts then were told to set up a new one to see if it worked better. Since no new accounts are being allowed we'd all be up a creek without a paddle if these stopped working.

This is when I wish I had a techie friend around to solve the glitch. I still can't get the link to the Eagle Cam to work in my previous blog.

Yes you are correct, but it helped somewhat at the time, but now I struggle sometimes to get the links to work.  I don;t know if it will help, but zenofken told me to drop the s on the http,  I struggled with that as well for awhile...  Can't seem to win, hahahahaha

Robin: Dani told me to drop the "s" , too. WHen I did it worked some times and then didn't other times. Today I followed Fed Up's suggestion outlined in his comment below. It worked to make that link pull up the Eagle Web Cams.

Fed Up to Me: 

One way i out-fox that glitch is to either:

a) Copy it to MS Word and hit the space bar...then crtl-C it and paste it to Blogster places.


b) I copy it to new message in Gmail, ...then crtl-C(copy) it and ctrl-V(paste) it to Blogster places. --BTW-- Gmail messages allow me to modify the text of stuff, too,... for copy to other places which are less forgiving.

I'll have to give that a try...thanks

You're very welcome, Robin. It's great to have others suggest ways to solve these tech issues here. I miss Bobski as he gave me tips or corrected problems when asked for help.

Love Neil Diamond, great song choices!

Shoulda been a 5!!!! Sorry, on my phone-fat thumbs :(

Thanks so much, Blue. The two songs kind of matched what I was going thru lately. I know you post song vids with your posts. Do you have trouble doing that or is it working well?

I haven't had any trouble and I usually post songs daily.

Good.. let's hope that I'm one of the few having trouble.

I like his songs. My favorite, The grass wont pay no mind. Another one, is to a fan that he doesnt know their name. 

Wendi: those are both good ones, too. Maybe we should have a Song/ artist Theme day here. Those two songs matched what was going on in my head this past week plus the two Eagle Love birds about to be new parents.

This sounds like fun Hershey.

I think it might be fun, Wendi. Right now I can barely keep up with the new blogs friends write or replies to comments here or elsewhere. 

It is time consuming to try and comment on all of these posts. 

That it is. You & I are not here as many hours as others who have more time. I try to make the rounds but I'm failing at B-Land Proper Etiquette for Blogging.  

I come in spells. I get bored on here sometimes and take a break. lol

Mental health days are needed here every few days or so.... there are plenty of other places to go to blog or comment as we've discovered, Wendi.

You have nailed that perfect. Mental Health Days. I hadnt thought of it in this way but you are so accurate. lol

We used to take a day off sick from school that was really a mental health day to go swimming @ the Lake. Here's it's definitely a Mental Health Day. {#high_five.gif}

I know, I sometimes think that the institutions opened their doors, gave them all a computer and dropped them off here. lol

l love Neil Diamond.  l missed seeing him in concert in 2017 when he was over here.  Now l am not going to get to see him because he is not performing anymore.  Love his voice and his songs.  Have seen some interviews with him and he seems such a nice person too.

Me, too, Jaddie. What a shame that you didn't get to see him in concert. We saw him decades ago when he performed live at the Westchester Theatre in NY. He's one artist that puts on a great show worth every penny spent.

l have been lucky enough to have seen everyone that was on my list to see.  The only one that l missed out on was Neil Diamond.  l was meant to go that night but was away at a works meeting and the flight was delayed coming back home again.  Talk about being upset.  Just my luck :-(

That's terrific, Jaddie. Who would you like to see now?  Were you able to give your Neil Diamond ticket to a friend or get a refund?

Yes my sister got my ticket so it didn't go to waste but l was raging.  

l think Celine Dion would be good to see.  l have watched some of her shows on tv and she is very good.

I would have felt the same way, Jaddie. Now with him retiring you dont' get another opportunity to see him in person.

A friend saw Celine when she & her hubby were in Las Vegas. She said that Celine puts on a dynamite show & wears gorgeous dresses. She changes her dress often. 

I wonder why my friend your having this problem. All my serves work here in blogster for video's. I wonder if you have an ad blockers or your antivirus program is cause problems. But Neil is good. Bro. Doc

I never thought of disabling the AD block or anti-virus. Like I mentioned on my other blogs I never had a problem until about a year ago. I could  only upload 1 screen shot today. All the others went to that small box that shows "nothing."

1 out of 8 tries is a lousy record.

Some of the new versions of Ad blockers or antivirus could cause a problem. You just disable them for blogster. I hope you haven't got something going on with you computer that is causing a glitch when you come here? Bro. Doc

Bro Doc. I have no problem pulling up the Web Cam on the Bald Eagles from my bookmark. The problem occurs when I try to leave a link here for others to click on. Fed Up suggested a tip that I tried that worked a few minutes ago to go direct to those Cams. The nest is covered in snow today--no sign of the eagles landing so far today.

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I tried them but like I said I can pull up the links.. few others could when they were posted on my blog.

That is odd, when I go to youtube I go to the top of the page where the link it and click on the link not the www. And then post it in  the place here and no problem whatsoever. I am not sure what your problem is. Bro. Doc

Bro Doc: I can get the you tube vids to post in a blog fine as I did with this blog. The problem comes when I post a link only & not the vid itself. I have been able to do it both ways for 9 years.

Last year it started giving me problems. As you know little is fixed around here now. Thanks for the help. I'll just post the complete video now instead of referencing it for others to click on.

That is ok, should still work both ways Hershey! Bro. Doc

You're absolutely right, Bro Doc. It should be easy & work both ways.

Hope you figure it out Hershey. Bro. Doc

I stopped having problems when I started using firefox.

Whip: I don't use FF anymore & have tried all the others. Whatever the problem is it only started happening to me about a year ago. Some days it works right away then other times I have trouble.

Oh, well these you tubes uploaded on a seperate blog. I'll work on the link to the Bald Eagle cam .

Try it this way, it may work:  www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=C2UtPMYlcvg

With blogster, you need to remove the https:// highlight and copy the rest of the cold, and then click on the link, post the code then press accept.  A box will come up asking to add to the code, click okay.  It should be able to work fine.


By the way, love Neil and those songs of his!

Thanks, Ellie.

Neil Diamond's Cracklin' Rosie was a harbinger of good news to me in the early 80's.  It was long past its popularity stage, but for three months in 1982, every single time I got in the car and started it, Cracklin Rosie was on the Oldies radio station I never turned off.  It actually got to be weird.

I can't say what the news was because I won't share anything personal about important people in my life on this blog site again, but the song's promises, so to speak, came to fruition in March but never fully realized until Christmas Day six years ago....and on the other hand, Cracklin' Rose is also a wine.  {#basic-wink.gif}

What you needed, wanted and were back then has changed a bit, I'll guess.  One of the changes, at least for me, was what I thought would likely be problems, not wrong about some either,  but what real problems are.  Be happy,  Hershey, we only get to do this once! {#basic-smile.gif}

You have a great ability to zero in on a topic & get to the points, Irish. I think I know what you're talking about with the 6 year ago story. I've never tried Cracklin" Rose wine. Is it good ?

Changes: Yes, the timing was off then for several reasons. I'll send you a PM soon to explain why. Have a warm rest of the week.

Thanks, Hershey!  

From songfacts.com - "Cracklin' Rosie" is a bottle of wine. Diamond got the idea for the song from a folk story of an Indian tribe in Northern Canada who had more men than women. He told David Wild at Rolling Stone: "On Saturday nights when they go out, the guys all get their girl; the guys without girls get a bottle of Cracklin' Rosie, that's their girl for the weekend." lol!

It's another name for rosé.  {#basic-smile.gif} 

Take care!

Wow.. that's fascinating stuff that I never knew. Thanks for taking the time to educate me on the back story of the song & the Wine. 

Rose: i like Rose anything. In fact I wonder where Arizona Rose is now. has anyone seen or heard from her?  

Quick check show Rose in Arizonas account as disabled now, Irish.

She's been gone from here for awhile, Hershey, maybe a year.  I loved her, such a great lady, and the same with Nota. 

Rose was a great gal & really up to date on current events & politics in general. That whole group that WAS here was quite knowledgable. I learned a lot from them. I haven't heard anything in a long time about NOTA. Mamakat did inquire about her once & tell me how she was. Nota came on line & wrote a brief blog then disappeared. I hope she's recovered well from her stroke.

One way i out-fox that glitch is to either:

a) Copy it to MS Word and hit the space bar...then crtl-C it and paste it to Blogster places.


b) I copy it to new message in Gmail, ...then crtl-C(copy) it and ctrl-V(paste) it to Blogster places. --BTW-- Gmail messages allow me to modify the text of stuff, too,... for copy to other places which are less forgiving.

Thanks Fed UP. I'll test your tip now.



Bingo, Fed UP. Your suggestion worked. The link below takes us directly to the Hanover, PA Bald Eagle Web Cam.

I have the site bookmarked to be able to go their direct each day thus I never use the link. The Eagles haven't landed today in the nest today.


Congratulations Hershey. Great that you have struck gold.Will keek a look out foR you on ABBA AND OTHERS.

AT: glitches seem to come and go with me here. This one started about a year ago & was frustrating as I wanted to post a good link to the Bald Eagle Cam. Fed UP gave me a tip that I tried a few minutes ago that worked. I dont' know if you can pull it up from where you live in NZ. You may have links to those type cams over there that you view. 

We'll try anything here Hereshey lol.

You're a great asset to this community, AT. Always positive and helpful to us here.

Neil Diamond...Hello Again. what a master with a lyric.

Ana: I know he's not everyone's cup of tea ...I love his voice and the lyrics to his songs touch me, too. Glad to know you enjoyed them.

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