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nude mature ladies - How To Get A Fabulous Hot Older Ladies On A Tight Budget

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, March 2nd 2018 at 2:49pm by henriettascoggin
Category: Travel

So that night was one of those special nights where I gave it a little extra to doll myself out. So where to begin with this one. It looks like a V cut strap-less crop top combined with an X-cross cut mini-skirt. (Don't judge me :3) Usually when I go clubbing, I wear pretty form fitting small dresses while bar hopping attire is usually more girl next door vibe, but sometimes I like mixing it up, especially if I really felt like fishing for a man to hook up with.

Back in late September, I was having one of my promiscuous "want guy's to tell me I'm hot" kinda night so a couple of my girlfriends and I decided to hit up a bar to see if we could get drunk and maybe hook up with a cute boy or two. I was feeling good about myself and so Amber and Aisha (who are my cis female friends) got to my place where we took an Uber to the bar. I put on one of my go to dresses which is a really sexy black "believe it or not bodycon" dress that is so trippy!

While it technically is two pieces, when put together it looks like a dress with a cut out midriff. ) Amber is Taiwanese and a really prototypical good looking Asian girl with long dyed brown hair and an athletic frame. Aisha, who is a tall black 22 year old college student, has the looks of a model but is super duper ratchet. (Don't drink and drive!

I also applied on my "get laid" lipstick which is this mahogany red color that men seem to always notice and compliment me on. Like seriously, she has a mouth you would never want to introduce to your mother. He was visibly pissed and Amber and I kept trying to flirt with him to keep him from tossing us out! Life's been wild, but that means I have a lot to share with you all Sorry if I haven't responded to messages since my last post a few months back, my inbox has been flooded but I will read them I promise!

all she really did was wink at him, but still! She kept telling the driver to turn the radio to a hip hop station to get us in pre-game party mode, but the driver refused and she just lit him up. That is some magical power she has because I think I'm pretty attractive (you can read my other stories for my description), but even I can't just wink at a bouncer without saying anything to get into a club or bar.

It takes us regular girls minutes to flirt or flaunt our way in! *It's been awhile guys! When we got to the place (thank god we made it alive! There were some fancy decor and the atmosphere was just rocking. We weren't even seated for long when some drinks hit our table that we didn't order.

Stupid Asha is a witch I tell you! Anywho, when we got in we situated ourselves in a little booth. This place was not the highest class, but definitely not your run of the mill bar. ) which was not one of our regular spots, we didn't have to wait too long as Asha worked her magic on the bouncer. We did our usual wave and thank you pout face bullshit that girls are supposed to do when guy's buy them drinks, but none of us had any interest in that group.

She's basically a taller version and probably better looking version of me (:c). thanks for that classification pal. A party of guys sent it our way. There was this guy leaning in on the bar counter with his worn old blazer that I for some reason kept re-averting my eyes onto throughout the conversation with those guys.

They were three college white dudes who weren't the worst looking guys in the world but it didn't help that the first thing they said to us was "Do you Asian ladies like the drinks? I was visibly bored with them and found myself scouting the room for eye candy instead.

Or mostly Aisha and Amber chatted. I actually walked over to the counter pretty close to where the guy I was ogling was sitting and that was when I kind of started getting butterflies in my stomach because no matter how many times you play at a bar, meeting a new guy is always like "OMG x_x!

He was a Caucasian man around 6'0 tall with short brown hair that matched his slight scruff excuse for a beard. I don't think he noticed me but one of the college guys was seriously trying to put some moves on nude mature women over 40 me and I excused myself to go the lady's room really trying to escape. " He didn't say anything to me but now I saw the outline of his chiseled jaw and the edge of his blue eyes and I thought to myself "Dammnn, I so want to sleep with this guy tonight!

I have a thing for guys with that look apparently >. " He said with an unexpected gorgeous British accent. I genuinely giggled at his remark. " So I leaned in slightly over the counter arching my back as seductively as possible and asked the bartender for a Fuzzy Navel. Sounds like some kind of stomach disease. I rolled my eyes right away but we chatted a little bit anyway.

She started making the drink and I think he finally noticed me and broke the ice. I don't know why I was so smitten with him, but he certainly had a very sexy British vibe going. "It's like an alcoholic lemonade that tastes really bad, but it gets people's attention when you need to. And so we started chatting within our own circle when that group of guys approached us and scooted into our booth.

That was a great response! " He fired back at me. " I responded coyly to him. " I congratulated myself in my head. Here, your fuzzy navel is on me. I didn't know how to respond! Okay, he was certainly flirting with me! "I only let doctors inspect me you know. "Good thing mature women for you I'm a doctor.

" The British man responded as he eyed my body. This guy must have watched a lot of George Clooney movies. " He said in the coolest way possible. "Although inspecting your pierced navel, it seems quite lovely to me. " He said as he signaled the bartender to add it to his tab. At least not right now! Clearly some of the mature women dumbness of being blonde remained in me.

maybe the alcohol was impairing my flirting skills. We continued to test the waters with each other for a while and I found out that his name was Wallace and that he was 47 years old. I totally thought he was 30. Tall, rugged smile, babe face, pretty fit, and a doctor.

After about an hour of getting to know one another, "You know you did say you'd let me inspect your body earlier. " I had a platinum blonde bob cut last year. "Oh sorry, did I prevent someone from getting your attention? He went through a divorce a couple of years ago and moved to the States to work with a colleague. " He proclaimed without any shame.

Yep he was getting in my pants tonight. " Okay yes this was turning out to be a cheesy romance story but most of the time when you're getting buzzed on the verge of drunk, you say cheesy things at bars! "I know just the fix for that. His stubby facial hair pricking against my skin, actually felt really good.

Both my hands magnetically pulled to his face, clamping it for leverage. We kissed, exploring each others lips for a few minutes before things ramped up and I slid my tongue into his mouth. REALLY good for a 47 year old doctor. Maybe you can check it out for me doc.

It added a jolt to the kiss. "Do you want to come to my place? " He said as he leaned in and kissed me. " He whispered in my ear. Wally's house was a typical suburban 2 story home that was soooo cliche. Wally drove us to his house and of course I texted my girls to let them know I was doing something tonight.

I nodded and he took my hand and we booked it out of there. His hands explored my bare back and I could feel the coldness of his fingers from holding his beer. It was clean, it was hard wood throughout and it had a diamond chandelier which didn't fit in with the rest of the home.

You can tell it was missing a woman's touch in the home decor department. I couldn't help but let out a moan. They all knew I was going to the bar to get laid anyway. It's so sexy when a man exerts his god given strength to claim his woman. As soon as we walked into the front door, Wally closed the door behind him and cornered me on it.

We made it to the top of the stairs and he plopped my dangling body through one of the doors of what I assumed was his master bedroom and onto his king sized bed. "Funny you mention it because my lips have been a little twitchy the past half an hour.

I notice stuff like that. This time his hand slid down the backside of my skirt and groped a big chunk of my ass. He returned the favor by stripping me of my top, which literally slid right off over my head. Wally carried me up the stairs in that position, and it took us mature galleries a few seconds to get up there as our lips just could not part.

I wasn't wearing a bra since my dress was strapless. He obliged with his lips suckling my left breast while fondling the other one. We looked into each others eyes for such a short second and boom all that built up sexual energy we established just exploded out as we made out with rapid progression. My bare erected nipples revealed themselves inviting him to caress and give them affection.

I was in such bliss that I was panting moderately in anticipation for his cock. Most mature women's clothing are so easily removed. He lifted me and all of my 5'4 body seamlessly while kissing me, all my weight being supported by his two firm hands grasped on my ass.

"You're not grossed out right? On my back with him on top of me, I reached and unbuckled his belt. I knew he was looking at my nestled cock within my panties which were pretty much see through. You were right though. " I was a little scared to hear his answer. My last piece of clothing, my skirt came off by his hands and now all that remained between him and my tiny naked body was my black laced pink tanga panties.

His tongue moved swiftly down my body as if he was marking me with his saliva. " He said as he pulled down his pants. I do want to inspect your body and the secrets you were hiding. Oh gosh, the bulge in his briefs was so damn hot. He hesitated for a second.

It grew bigger and bigger until it looked like it needed air. This was some weird passionate mood we got going. Out popped his uncut cock in which my face visibly lit up with astonishment. If I wasn't blushing by now, I for sure began to turn red. I wanted his cock in me. Wally pushed me down onto my back.

Totally different from hook ups that I'm used to. Instead, he used his hands to pull off my panties and open my legs in one fell swoop exposing my clitty. She's a really small girl and doesn't get too much bigger but she was excited to see Wally for sure. I guess he had enough foreplay and wanted to skip the oral step.

I tingled with pleasure and at this point I didn't even know what was happening to my voice. It was veiny, thick and probably about 8 inches. I leaned forward on my knees on the bed with him standing on the floor and pulled off the last remaining obstacle in our path.

Wally lowered his mouth onto my clit and licked the tip of it down to my anus where he inserted his tongue all around my pussy. I reached for Wally's cock and rubbed it, searching for the head with my fingers through his briefs. Wally lifted my legs further up compacting my body with my asshole now pointing straight up towards the ceiling.

He got his new fuck hole wet and ready and I knew what was coming next. I took a deep breath and in his cock went. Not the biggest thing in the world, but jesus, it was super thick and going to rip me apart! " He asked considerately. Wally slid his dick in half way. The first thrust was the worst. I was breathing heavily but said it was okay to continue. Pulled it to the brink of pulling out and then rammed it all the way in my body.

He was sooo damn thick! Within ten minutes, I was on all fours with him claiming ownership of my body as if my body was a fleshlight for his cock's pleasure with his manhood invading my humanity. My pussy stretched to match the size of his cock and I slowly began feeling so much sensation. I was letting out such disgraceful sounds like a whore in a porno lol.

He laid me on my side, raising one of my legs up high and continued penetrating my body. I could see his hardened cock approach my pussy. This time he put a finger into my mouth and I began to suck it. My leg suspended in the air, hostage to this man's strong dominating gripe. A few tears came out of my eyes.

Then I felt it testing my gate, rubbing gently on the rim. I really had no sense of time and to be honest I was exhausted and probably delusional from lust and pleasure. I don't remember if it was a dream or if his cum actually tasted like it, but I felt like lemonade in my mouth. We concluded our session with me mounted on top of him slowly riding the monster that ripped through me for the past hour or so.

Oh my god what the heck happened last night and why is my head on this gorgeous man's chest. When he was ready to let out his stored up work, he laid me down again and released his load all over my face and chest. I came all over my belly button ring and the bed sheets.

You know you kick a lot when you're sleeping? I woke up the next morning snuggled with Wally. He wasn't rushing me out or being weird like most guys after a one night stand. I screamed and then finally gathered my sight and saw this girl just standing there with the most disgusted look on her face.

Clasping for gripe, my asshole couldn't help but tighten with each thrust. "What a fucking whore. great experience too, but when we got out I wrapped a towel around my body and went to the outside bathroom to find a new tooth brush he said I could use.

" She said in the most condescending tone and walked away. At the time I had no idea what was going on, but Wally later told me that was his teen daughter who was 17 and just started college. He must have drank my fuzzy navel at the bar! When I walked out of the other bathroom holding the tooth brush, I looked up and BAM there was a person standing right in front of the door.

All that moaning and pornstar crying I did last night flashed straight into my head and my face just glowed red. She must have heard everything. We got into the shower together and that was another um. He did call me again a day later though much to my excitement and we started seeing each other casually.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed another one of my super duper long embarrassing stories. Besides that super awkward morning, Wally gave me an amazing fuck that I could not have fantasized or asked for more. I didn't expect anything more with him especially with his daughter and I starting off in such a horrible fashion.

He apparently didn't know she would be home that weekend and we fucked with her in the next room that night. I avoided his house for quite some time though until recently and that was an awkward night too, but that is for another day.

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