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Added: Saturday, October 24th 2020 at 12:47am by halfback

Three Photos of Grandfather A.M. Pyron


A.M. Pyron, at about 19 while still in Ashley county, Arkansas


A.M. Pyron at about 70

User Comments

A distinguished looking gentleman. 

Grandfather A.M. Pyron was not a native of Ashley county, Arkansas.  Instead, he was a great grandson of William Calvin Pyron, 1757-1850, who moved to Micklenburg county, North Carolina at the time of the Revolutionary War. He was a veteran of that war. Two generations of the descendants of William C. Pyron lived in the Mint Hill area of North Carolina, while many of the grandchilden of William C. Pyron migrated away from Mint Hill to other parts of the South.   Granfather's parents, Andrew Jackson Pyron, who was William C. Pyron"s grandson, migrated first to Northern Mississippi, with his wife  Sarah Simons.  Later they moved to Louisiana whre both died in a plague of infectious disease in about 1859. Grandfather's uncle, John Calvin Pyron took grandfather, and his sister a year older than he to live with his family in Ashley county, Arkansas and put the the two younger daughters of Andrew Jackson Pyron in an Orphanage in New Orleans.  Grandfather and his sister Eugenia were 14 and 13 when taken to Arkansas.  Eugenia married a man named  Jefferson Franklin  Flewellin in Ashley county, Arkansas in about 1865, and the couple went to Texas with grandfather in 1867, to Lavaca county, In  Texas, probably because there were Flewellin relatives living then in Lavaca county, Texas.  We know from Lavaca county records that one of the younger Pyron sisters who had been the in the Orphanage in New Orleans, Great Aunt Annie, married a man named McGonagill, the first cousin of the well know Texas Rodeo hero Clay McGonagill, who had been born and rised win Lavaca county.  And so were sveral famous Texas Trail who were  Drivers neighors of the Pyrons and Flewellins on Mustand Creek.  Probaby the other yonger sister, Angeline, was united with her older siblings also in Lavaca county.  But still we know little of their life at that time.  Grandfatrher apparently was a cowboy and also a carpenter in Lsvaca county.  He married the daughter of a local cowman, Gideon Blake Blackburn, and soon granfather and grandmother Virginia Blackburn took the money she got from selling her inheritance of land in Lavaca counnty to her brother Great Uncle James Blackburn, so my grandparents had the money to buy two sections of land - 640 acres in a secton - in the Bexar county brush country SW of San Antonio in about 1882. I was born - and also raised in the northwest corner of the 360 acres that was left of that land later. At some point in time the Flewellins, grandfather's sister ad her husband, also moved to Bexar county - to San Antonio.

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