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The Population Reduction Movement Bernard Pyron

Added: Wednesday, September 16th 2020 at 7:54am by halfback
The Population Reduction Movement
Bernard Pyron

The elites often have more than one outcome in mind when they launch one of their programs which may bring harm to numbers of people who do not belong to the elite.   In the case of the present day hysteria created by the Corporate Media over the spread of the Coronavirus, the elite may have more than one objective in mind. One desired outcome may be to defeat the Populist-Patriot-Alternative Media Movement and Trump, so that a totalitarian agenda can be carried out without resistance from that movement which got Trump elected in 2016..  And a second objective may be that the elite want to use  the Coronavirus  to carry out a population reduction, which has long been one of their goals.

There are deaths from the flu epidemics but the media has  hyped up the deadly aspect of the Coronavirus  The media's emphasis on  the deaths from this virus makes the virus more outstanding in public perception, or more salient, as social psychologists would say.  Coronavirus  hyped by the Corporate Media, causes fear in many people, who then are more likely to submit to the loss of their God-given  American rights.

Several factions in American society and in the world have been interested in bringing about a reduction of the population.

The American Medical Profession has long been under an influence from the Eugenics Movement which operates at the top of that profession.

http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/ …/armageddon-or-newa…/messages…

The financial elite, especially the Rockefellers, made the American
medical profession into a top-down system, where local doctors are
controlled from the top of society, the financial and corporate
elites. The Eugenics movement was a part of that financial and
corporate elite, a movement that in the top-down system influenced the
culture of American doctors and nurses.

In the book, Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism In
AMERICA, 1979, by E. Richard Brown, he says the current problems in
the U.S. health care system are due to the "marriage of modern
medicine to corporate capitalism."
"In the early years of the 20th century, Brown says that because
medical technology was expensive, doctors turned to the financial
elite for money. The Rockefeller family supplied a large part of the
money to fund medical technology, as well as medical research and
medical schools."

The Rockefellers were involved in the pharmaceutical drug industry and
helped to make American doctors into highly paid salesmen for
prescription drugs. Perhaps the Rockefellers and others in the ruling
elite helped give high status to American doctors, making them members of a somewhat elite class, to help fool the people into accepting the drugs
they promoted as cures for many diseases. After all, a highly
respected doctor with much image must know what he is doing in
prescribing drugs.

"And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived." Revelation 18: 23

Note that sorceries is a translation in Revelation 18: 23 of φαρμακεια, or pharmakeia. "For by thy pharmakeia were all peoples deceived."

The Rockefellers as an important part of the elite helped to create the American Medical Profession as it now exists and have promoted the population reduction movement

That the Eugenics Movement and the  Population Reduction Movement have been promoted by the American Medical Profession is not just a conspiracy theory - like the theory that the Jesuits are behind some nefarious outcome or evil enterprise.

"From 1952 on, a major part of the eugenics movement was the
population control movement."

"One of the organizations that promoted eugenics under the new
population rubric was the Population Council. It was founded in 1952
by John D. Rockefeller 3rd, and spent $173,621,654 in its first 25

Another faction that promotes population reduction has been the New Age Occult Movement.

John Randolph Price wrote Practical Spirituality. In this book Price has some things to say that parallel the Nazi concept of Der Ubermensch, the superior people, or the master race, and Der Untermensch, the sub-human, or under races. In Practical Spirituality, Price says "These individuals with their lower vibratory rates will be removed during the next two decades."

Barbara Marx Hubbard, another New Ager, in her book, Revelation: The Book of Co-Creation, tells us "Only the useless is destroyed..." She goes on to say that "We, the elders have been patiently waiting until the very last moment before the quantum transformation, to cut out the corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity...We are in charge of God's selection process for Planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death." You might think that Price and Hubbard are just crazies and not really dangerous. But Hubbard has been involved in leftist politics. Marilyn Ferguson is or was associated with Humanistic Psychology and with a journal by that name.

William Huntington Russell, from the old New England elite, spent some time in Germany and when he returned to Yale University in 1832 he and Alphonso Taft started the Yale Skull and Bones Society, based upon the German Thule Society. www.vocfux.com .

Russell is said to have been given the authority by the German Thule Society to start a chapter at Yale. Skull and Bones is not just another college fraternity. It is an occult society,and is now one of the major centers out of which the New World order is supplied with its leaders and puppets. A member of Skull and Bones was Daddy Bush,  President, who in 1991 proclaimed the arrival of the New World Order, which sounds like something Hitler would like. In fact Hitler did talk about a "New World Order."

Many people know that the Environmental Movement has long called for a large reduction in the human population - and they want to return large areas of North America to a wildland condition. For example, on the website of the Sierra Club at www.sierraclub.org they say that "Sustainability can only be achieved with population reduction and stabilization."

Jacques Cousteau is reported to have said "...to stabilize the world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day." www.overpopulation.org . Ted Turner is reported to have said essentially the same thing, "We must eliminate 350,000 people per day/" www.fatima.freehosting.net . The figure of 350,000 per day adds up to 1.27 billion people eliminated in ten years.

Henry Kissinger and Third World Population Reduction

Henry Kissinger has not only been close to David Rockefeller, but has also held high level posts in the federal government. In the seventies, Kissinger created the Office of Population Affairs, which was involved with the NSV Ad Hoc Group, also created by Kissinger after he met with the Club of Rome during the 1974 population conferences. The Club of Rome is one of several organizations of the ruling elite calling for a reduction in world population.

In the early seventies Kissinger also wrote a then secret National Security Memorandum (NSM 200) in which he said "Overpopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. towards the Third World." This information is from www.geocities.com/mypinkmagazine/aids.htmlElimination of part of the population in the Third World has been U.S. national security policy since the seventies. Iraq and Afghanistan are part of the Third World, and have been given the DU population reduction treatment by the ruling elite.

Along with the AIDS virus, Ebola, Gulf War Syndrome, possible the deadly 1918 flu bug the Mad Scientists got from frozen bodies of its victims and maybe some other diseases secretly created by the Dark Scientists in labs like those at Fort Detrick Maryland, could the use of DU, in part, be intentional genocide, to reduce population. DU does give the U.S.
an edge in war and that is a second reason for using it. They say DU was used in the Bush  Junior war against Iraq.  DU is depleted uranium.

Stewart Webb, whistle-blower on the wrong doings of the Bush dynasty said that Bush senior, the President in the First Gulf War, calls the American people the budsters, meaning broke, useless, and depressed. Bush is quoted by Webb as saying "As long as we keep food on their tables, gas in their gas tanks and a roof over their heads,we don't have to worry about the budsters." www.stewartwebb.com Daddy Bush was not saying that the ruling elite at that time planned to kill off a large number of American budsters. His statement does, though, indicate the disdain the ruling elite has for the common people. Bush's remarks also suggest that he believes the ruling elite could cut off the food, gas and housing for the common people whenever the elite wants to do so.

In addition, vaccines can be used to reduce populations of people, as well as disable millions.  And vaccines are a stealth and very deceptive weapon if they are used to reduce the population or just to cull out certain kinds of "defective" people.

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User Comments

I agree the media has done a lot of harm concerning this coronavirus and that they are responsible for all of these lockdowns. But I don't believe rich people are trying to wipe those who don't reside in their social circle out. They need us to work in their factories and buy their products. 

No Amala. They need us to do their dirty work, then leave. Permanently.

The trick is to get the masses to joyfully accept conditions that result in precipitous population decline.

Surprisingly easy to accomplish.

Rather "1984" about it, for the umpteenth...

I think there are generation differences in this country in the acceptance of what has been called "The New World Order," and Daddy Bush was one representative, outstanding in perception, of the New World Order.  Its complicated.  Although Daddy Bush tried to present the New World Order as  someting different than what it was, it was and is a fascist manifestation.  How could Americans who fought Fascism in World War II accept the New World Order as fascism?  Maybe the Baby boomer Generation - or at least the baby boomers in the universities to begin the change toward an acceptance of any kind of totalitarian goverment and Culture, led the way to an acceptance not only of Transformational Marxism, but also a form of fascism.  The Counterculture happened in the sixties and seventies.  Daddy Bush's New World Order Speech as in 1991.  The coup based upon fear of death from a Virus happened in 2020.  A whole generation and more was led away from a clear understanding of and a desire to continue the American Birth Right - espcially its God given rights, which Jefferson briefly taught in the Declatation of Indepedence and which Madison and his Committe in the House made law in the Constitution.  The Baby Boomer Generation did not understand all that very well and probably their child maybe even less.

Kids today are being lured by visions of the future where they very plausibly and  personally may attain super-human abilities.

 IF....they cooperate.  

Literal, personal evolution. With extended longevity thrown in.

IF....they cooperate.

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