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Holy Spirit Revivals Charles G Finney

Added: Thursday, May 19th 2016 at 10:45pm by growth46badge

Evangelist Kurt Bodenmann, International Minister whose powerful testimony of being raised from the dead draws many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Being totally healed, he ministers with healing in the love and compassion of the Lord.

Pastor Diane Dunne of

Hope for the Future MinistryOperates in the word of knowledge Ministry of Feeding the Poor and Homeless

Love & Mercy Fellowship

Pastor Debra Mitchell

1420 Union Blvd

Bay Shore NY 11706

631-969-7968 www.jesusisjoyministries.com/
Evangelist Kurt Bodenman Miracle Man

I met Evangelist Kurt Bodenman with Pastor Ray Martell of River of Life Ministry in Saskatoon Canada during the Holy What a Woman Wants Spirit Fire Conference several years ago. I have traveled with Pastor Ray Martell and Kurt in Switzerland, experiencing Holy Spirit outpourings upon the people as they rejoiced in the visitation of our Lord God. Many were touched by the power of God in a mighty way and were delivered from oppression and despair. Spirits of fear were broken and people were released to walk in the joy and freedom that Jesus Christ can give to his redeemed.

Kurt has a wonderful love for God’s people and ministers salvation, healing, and deliverance to all that call on the name of Jesus. During another conference, there were people healed of back pain and one whose hearing was restored. Many other signs and wonders follow the preaching of the Word and the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit to heal and deliver those in need.

Kurt shares his testimony about his drug overdose that killed him, clinically dead for 15 minutes. During this period of his death, he remembers leaving his body, hovering at the ceiling and seeing his Mom and his own body laying on the bed. He was immediately pulled like being in a vacuum tunnel on his way to Hell. All he could remember was the tremendous fear and helplessness of knowing that he was not going to heaven, and he could not change things; he was on his way to Hell. He began to hear the screams of the people tormented in Hell and see the fire blazing with people in complete agony. His only hope was to call out upon the Lord Jesus who he knew as a small child and asked the Lord to save him, help him with his life. Immediately he heard a voice come from heaven saying he “could go back”. He would be given another chance. God intervened on his behalf. All this time, his Mom was at his bed side praying. Although the doctors said that he would never be the same due to thedamage done to his body, Kurt is completely healed. His mandate is to share his testimony of the reality of Hell, lead the unsaved into the Kingdom of God, and to equip the saints for the calling in their lives.

Testimony Interview with Kurt can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTSb2p_boKc

Kurt travels with Pastor Ray Martell all over the world bringing healing and deliverance to as many as will receive. Pastor Ray Martell and Kurt Bodenman will be at

Love and Mercy Holy Spirit Revival Services Fellowship in
Bayshore, NY
May 20, 21, 22, 2016

Join us at the meeting with Pastor Deborah Mitchell

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