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The Good

Added: Thursday, August 1st 2019 at 10:26am by greenfairy

Love takes the bad

with the Good

and makes...it all

 very special,,                 {#floating.gif}                  {#giveflowers.gif}

by stuart  MAcfarlane

User Comments

True this.  Hello Caroline.  I hopr you're doing ok over yon.  Take care ♡

hi dani  thanks..its a nice quote. i thought   so too {#basic-smile.gif}  ok here  better weather now  sunny breezes...hope yur cooler!hugs

No cool nothing here.  Not till the next few months, if that.  I'm ready for fall.

hope it cools soon   dani...a bit of autumn xx...fall  here  xx

Hi Caroline, lovely quote. About 80F here at the moment so not too bad. Have a lovely rest of the day. Bro. Doc

This is so true.

thanks   wendy..glad you agree with this..we need more love in the world xx :)


so true

thankyou marissa..glad you liked this  xx

The proof of the pudding is in the eating - I had better explain.

We were two lovers who married over sixty years ago. Since then we heve enjoyed many good moments and we have certainly experienced our bad moments.

However we have never parted and our love is still very special.

Believe me or believe me not lol. AT

Along with Pam, Good Boy and our very large extended family.

lovely story..you are so right xx

Quite true! 

hi thanks  ginger  xxo

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