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Ride a bike

Added: Sunday, October 6th 2019 at 7:11am by greenfairy

."Life is like Riding a Bicycle

To keep your balance

you must keep moving ...{#basic-smile.gif}


from Albert einstein

 scientist ...Nobel prize winner

User Comments

its healty  to ride   a bike x too

l agree with the quote Caroline.  You got to keep moving.  It has been a while since l have been on a bike lol.

yes it is true x

I used to love riding a bike. Its been years.  But to keep moving that's for life for as long as we can.

keep moving is for the best..dani xx!

This is so true Caroline. A.E. was smart. Hope your having a great day. Bro. Doc

hi thanks doc  yes he was a clever man !he recieved a Nobel prize..

He sure did Caroline. Bro. Doc

I believe many bikes have been ridden  across tight ropes. That may explain much of my life. But who cares lol.


its a figure of speech {#basic-smile.gif}

ps just to let all my friends know.. tomorrow i fly to scotland on  short vacation.back after the weekend take care,,,,love caroline x hugs{#basic-laugh.gif}

Hope you enjoyed your well earned trip and enjoyed a safe return.

{#apploud.gif} very good quote! thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well. 

gm thanks xxx yes ust back from a week away in scotland was good xx

O' that's awesome! Hope the weather was nice for ya. 

yes t yu...after a storm at first  we had a lovely sunny week x...hope your daughter   is better now xx

Thanks she still didn't get her bloodwork done-had to remind her again today that she needs to get it all finished before deductible renews Jan 1. She's feeling better that's the problem-she's like I feel fine now...I'm like you still need bloodwork done to see if all blood is clear-can't tell that until you end up back sick in hospital. And that bill will be a lot more than bloodwork. 

Glad you're week was sunny. our temps have dropped a lot here. They moved halloween cause rain cold-now still cold but not calling for rain. Low 28/29 F already. 

hope your daughter ...does get the blood work done it doesnt take  long ! [ a lot o people  do  say..*well i feel better now.." but you still have to ....2finish  the    job !! hugs{#friend.gif}

agree. I'm paying her copay for doctor tomorrow & will probably end up paying for the bloodwork as well-otherwise she can't go to either one right now $ wise. O' well would rather her make sure she's ok and get her checkup in than end up with another night of calling an ambulance. 
Wishing you a wonderful week. My weekend sure was busy. How was yours? 

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