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wicklowmick JaddieBlue

POwer of Touch

Added: Thursday, January 10th 2019 at 5:12am by greenfairy

We underestimate..the POwer  of..Touch

and a Smile

a Kind word{#basic-smile.gif}


also Listening    and an Honest Compliment...:)


User Comments

Many people cannot seem to just listen these days. Kind words are beautiful.

tyu louie  ..listening takes practice


tyu imperatrix  xx

All very important Caroline :-)

yes i think so {#basic-smile.gif}

Words to live by!

tyu dani,,,yes it helps the world go around {#giveflowers.gif}

This was grate Caroline. Bro. Doc

tyu doc  take care

that should have been great. Take care too Caroline. Bro. Doc

thank you  !

All very desirable personal qalities that form a near perfect personality. Something worth striving for?

yes it is   hugs

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