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personality fun

Added: Saturday, January 12th 2019 at 6:05am by greenfairy


3 ways  to tell   the personality of a friend ..is how they  cope,,,,

 1  ..with lost  LUggage /baggage

 2,,a RAiny day...?{#goodbye.gif}

  3  or untangling those Christmas tree LIGHts   ....!!

  a  fun quote   by Maya Angelou    .......American poet

User Comments

1 and 3 spell doom for me  {#bag-on-head.gif} {#basic-laugh.gif} {#bag-on-head.gif} ..I'll never understand losing luggage. How hard could it possibly be?

i think cmas tree lights ....are  the downfall of many of  us... and  its easy.to replace them these  days.... thanks for the comment..

Well @ boomers, I told you that I loved the rain, which I do, but not when it continues day after day.  I never worry about C'mas lights as I don't entangle with them in the first place and I haven't dealt with luggage in ages and I'm very organized, so my personality is intact, lol.

a lot of people dont mind a rainy cosy.day... but not for  a long time xx

1) Never happens to me because I rarely fly and, if forced to by circumstances, will only pack a carry-on.

2) Love rainy days!

3) I sit patiently untangling.  Do that with necklaces too, remembering not to hurry.  If I do run out of patience?  I toss it in the trash. (or pawn, if the chains are real gold/silver.)

 my luggage got lost before  cmas and lucklily ..it was...returned to me within 48 hours to my door  !{#basic-laugh.gif}

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