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Open Heart

Added: Saturday, February 9th 2019 at 2:53am by greenfairy

an open heart

The less you Open your Heart

 The more your heart will sufffer,,


{#giveflowers.gif} Deepak Chopra

 an Indian. prophet

User Comments

I love Deepak Chopra!!!

yes ,hello dancer* he has some very good philsopies 


tyu Ana  hugs


yes i agree Tess hope youre keeping well..x

True statement.  Happy week end, my friend...xxx

hi dani thanks ,,yes.. I think so xx.. hope your weekend  went well..i,m weary  just drove back from babysitting xxx  showers,,too !! keep well hugs

Dr. Chopra is very right. He has written many wonderful books Caroline. And his form of medicine seems to work for people. Bro. Doc

yes I agree with you there...thanks for the comment  doc:)

I have on Cd, I believe it is called Seven Principles. It was good, and I have 4 or 5 other books he has written. Bro. Doc

I have seen a book ..i will look for more..thanks for letting me know  doc..{#giveflowers2.gif}

I hope that is the right name. I don't have the book form, I have mine from a lecture that Dr. Chopra gave in Cd form.  You are welcome. Bro. Doc

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