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kindness is like Snow

Added: Tuesday, January 15th 2019 at 8:46am by greenfairy

Kindness is like Snow.

it beautifies

everything   it covers....{#floating.gif}

quote of

 Kahlil GIBRAN


User Comments

This is really nice Caroline. I hope your having a great day there. Bro. Doc

tyu  doc  yes it feels cold !

Here is it is 34F so cold indeed. Bro. Doc

What a lovely quote...xx

hi Dani ,yes snow is beautiful   ...I think xx{#giveflowers.gif} {#basic-smile.gif}

I'm sure it is beautiful, but its been many, many years since I've seen snow, over 20 years.

Sure is Carloine.. is a peaceful quiet

hi scar xx.yes  soft and gentle xx{#friend.gif}

Hi Caroline ... and Cold brrr  xo

lol wrap up warm xx...how are your family  xx hugs

Never any snow here in HAMILTON. However lots of other forms of beauty abound.


i.m sure nature is lovely ...butterflies for instance x

I know the world has a lot of problems.  But I still think their is lots of kindness as well.

yes i,m sure thats  right xx hugs

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