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Added: Monday, March 25th 2019 at 6:48am by greenfairy


.*A  joy shared

is a joy ..Doubled..**{#heart.gif} {#giveflowers.gif} {#friend.gif}

  . by  Jr..

User Comments

True Caroline.

tyu wendi  .yes i agree

It literally is. ♥

I think it is dani ..happiness is infectious {#basic-smile.gif}

Oh yes it is.  :)

This is so true Caroline. Bro. Doc

glad you like this doc :)

Take care and have a good Tuesday when it comes. Bro. Doc

tyu doc..we re enjoying sunshine this week...going to a child charity meeting .at a garden ctr today :).busy.but interesting,,you take care..{#giveflowers2.gif} i loe the red  cammelias out now

Good Morning Christine, you will have to tell about the child charity meeting, because I can't think what American term is the same or what it is. The flowers sound nice. Have a good day. Bro. Doc

it is called NSPCC ,yes you do have similar ,,society,,its in New york..I know..

We dp not have it on the west coast. So I don't know anything about Caroline. Sorry. Bro. Doc

Cannot be honestly denied gf. Possibly 'at least doubled'. Some kind folk are often very generous.

yes they are   ox

very true {#apploud.gif}

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