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gentle strength

Added: Sunday, July 21st 2019 at 4:47pm by greenfairy

,,*our greatest  strength

 lies in the gentleness...

and  Tenderness of

our Heart.....*     {#floating.gif}

 x by RUMI  xx

User Comments

I'd imagine Cardiologists think differently...? ;)

xx you can do a compromise  ..i guess :)

Hi Caroline, this was great. Love it. Hope your doing well. Take care. Bro. Doc

hi  Doc...glad you like this ..was a nice day looking at gardens...and colourful flowers yesterday..keep well there.{#giveflowers2.gif}

Would be nice seeing flowers, and things like that. What I have seen from pictures of places in Ireland it is very beautiful. Bro. Doc

yes it is very green!

That is what makes it so lovely. Bro. doc

Now this I truly love.  Happy new week to you Caroline.  I hope you're doing well, my dear friend. ♥

hi thyou Dani xx glad you like this.. RUmi has some lovely   quotes..

are you cooling down , warm here today xx{#heart.gif}

Caroline, for a change it IS cool.  But it'll be hot again by Friday.  You take care ♡

hope youre not too busy.am out after lunch  a hot day here...drinking plenty xx

lovely words :) Hope your week is going well. Been busy here trying to do work around the storms that keep coming in. 

thankyou,,, yes we had a storm last   night,,today is still warm x x its 88 now...hoping the night will be cooler!!...having ice cool drinks ..hope that you keep safe  and your lovely  dog,,xx

Cool drinks can be lovely. Hubby has been putting some water in the fridge for us lately. Usually I keep pitcher os water in there but he threw in some bottles so we can grab when we need to go. 

thats a good idea xo,,,sorry for later reply ,,,iam just back from few days away,,,,family funeral,,sadly]

so sorry for your loss :( 


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