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favourite movies !

Added: Tuesday, December 4th 2018 at 10:53am by greenfairy

fav movies...

Wizard of OZ


Space odyssey

Citizen Kane

Snow white  and 7 dwarves

Frankenstein !


the Godfather

Gone with the Wind


 Brave heart

Mary poppins ......?

User Comments

Well, I told you on the other site my favorite movies, lol.

yes you have good taste dani,,,xxx{#basic-laugh.gif}  yes we need  ..*a wonderful..life xx for  cmas

Mary Poppins! Can't wait to see the new version!!

oh yes  its one for christmas season xx

'The African Queen' is my all time favourite. Would it be on your first 50 list gf ?

well "African queen....another classic....is it same era   as  *Casablanca

Blazing Saddle. Good and funny. Paint Your Wagon, Mary Popins. Bro. Doc


oh yes *Paint yur wagon,,* good oldie...nice song "Born under a wandering star ...^....  tyu  Doc ,,,its a  misty day here...:) keep well{#basic-smile.gif}

Part of Paint Your Wagon was filmed just 25 miles from Junction City Oregon. This is the where I am now and grew up here. We have 6,012 people. Bro. Doc

thats interesting tyu  doc :)

If you were to goggle Brownsville Oregon and some the area around there you would see some of it in the movie. Bro. Doc

A list of some great classics.

tyu  trip... soon be  christmas {#drinking15.gif}

Happy time of year. Are you ready? Internet purchases are popular instead of going to favorite stores and malls. 

tyu  trip..well nearly ready...its busy...meeting up with friends :)happy christmas to you{#drinking15.gif}

Sound of Music, Avatar, the Searchers, Jaws, Aliens, 10 Commandments!

very nice,,,choice..tho i dont like ...* jaws  !!

Wizard of Oz   Great first choice. Try this trivia question and don't peek too soon.

Dorothy and the group had to pass through the Haunted Forest to get to the witches castle. What weapons were they carrying?













Scarecrow - a pistol.

Lion - a butterfly net and bug sprayer

Tin man - his axe and a large wrench.

Also one of my all time faves: 2001: A Space Odyssey 


hi  no bull...glad you like ^space odyssey......its welll made movie[tyu for links] 

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