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dreams and stars

Added: Sunday, December 1st 2019 at 2:54am by greenfairy

.*i know nothing is for certain ..

but the sight of

 the Stars..

makes me  Dream..*

 vincent van gogh

 [french artist

User Comments

Excellently said! {#apploud.gif}

thankyou  dani xx glad you like  it xx

Good Day Caroline this was very lovely. Have a great rest of your day. Bro. Doc

hello doc thank you  . he had a good eye for colour as an artist... its a shame the talented artists lived in poverty

That seems to happen because people don't understand them. Bro. Doc

yes it could be...

Wow!!! I like this.


Reminds me of when I  fell off a shed roof to a concrete path many years ago. I saw stars and I guess I had a dream on the way to the hospital. Pardon my rather different translation. Have you been hiding nursie? Seems a long time since we met.


Love your quotes.

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