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Yes, I like (LOVE) food and eating out!

Added: Saturday, January 18th 2020 at 3:52pm by greatmartin
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1) Boston Market--could hardly find the turkey and the vegetables were 'off'! $10.98 with soda & tax

2) Cabo Blanco--one of my favorite restaurants and their Shrimp dish is loaded with shrimp plus being   delicious. $11.99 plus tax and tip

3) The Cheesecake Factory--another one of my favorites--I had a $45 gift card which I got free from reading Bing.com news!--check came to $29 with tax and tip after using gift card.

4) Moonlite Diner--always good but this time, just for a quick bite before the movie, the check plus tax and tip came to $15 for 2 bagels, one with cream cheese, 1 hot chocolate and 1 coffee--too much.

5) IHOP--always reliable and reasonable prices. For 2 of us the bill for both of us with tax and tip, came to $$27.

6) And yes I do eat at home--more than I eat out--a lot more!

User Comments

I love food but very seldom eat out and what I eat at home is normally not all that great. How do you fix food for one and make it worthwhile. I eat crackers or snacks a lot. I'd love to make pork chops or salmon etc but I guess I lack the motivation. Once in a while I'll fix homemade stuff but I grew up cooking for 11 or 12 and I honestly never learned to pare the recipes down to 1 person so I end up with a lot of thrown away food or stuff in the freezer or leftovers for weeks!

i just made whole wheat bread ~ does that count?



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