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Added: Friday, May 27th 2022 at 8:48pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment



Unless you have a great memory that goes back to 1986 and can remember a lot of the important relationships in the first "Top Gun" movie the 2022 "Top Gun: Maverick" can cost a lot of confusion plus taking you out of the current movie trying to remembering the first one!

There are a lot of stories running through the main screenplay but the majority of scenes and what makes the picture are the flying scenes which would probably be more thrilling seeing them on an IMAX screen.

A lot has been made, in interviews and stories, of Tom Cruise doing his own flying but how do you know, how can you tell with computer-generated imagery used so much in today's movies. In any case they make up the bulk of the movie and are very effective.

Talking about Tom Cruise he does a great job showing how and why he is the top gun not only in this movie but the many hit movies he has made. He is surrounded by a top notch supporting group and has a special touching scene with Val Kilmer, who in real life due to cancer can only talk in a low raspy voice.

"Top Gun: Maverick" will probably be a huge blockbuster due to Ton Cruise, those who remember "Top Gun" affectionately, the fact that is it an adventure action film plus it is playing over Memorial Day Weekend in thousands of cinemas including small 'art' theatres like The Gateway that is showing it on 2 screens! (Not to forget we are having another air and sea show in South Florida!)

For those of you who are going to see it will go no matter what is said but I strongly suggest you see the first "Top Gun"---which you can see on many of the streaming shops--to remember or understand "Top Gun: Maverick" easier.

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I saw the original movie (yes choked up when 'Goose' was killed just like everyone else did), but have no urge to see the current one. Not a Tom Cruise fan anyway. 

He is a very underrated actor as his 'quieter' films show!

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