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Added: Wednesday, March 29th 2023 at 3:50pm by greatmartin
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1) Overlooking the canal from the 3rd floor walkway---6) For 3+ months our weather has been 'sunny and highs in the 80s, feel like in the 90s' occasionally actually hitting 90 or more without rain while the rest of the country has been experiencing rain, snow, floods, tornados and more! Finally, we got some rain today--along with high humidity. On sunny, rainless days we have great places along the canal to just sit 7) and watch people and boats, canoes, yachts come and go.
2) Hey, our neighbor's cats want to watch the boats and people, too!
3) The Outback's Boomerang menu and I had the 4) Toowoomba pasta with Shrimp for $19.99!
5) The next day we went to IHOP where I had the '55+ Senior's lunch Turkey sandwich with hash browns' for $7.89
8) No matter what the weather is outside my 'Cuban' plant keeps blooming all year round.
The bottom pictures are of The Gateway theatre lobby which is being 'made over' after 70+ years by the new owners and they will be serving meals plus the usual concession items like popcorn--'old' people are already complaining that the matinee pictures are starting too late in the afternoon and they have removed the comment board! Also, the picture genres are mainstream and not the 'art' pictures this crowd likes! They have put in more comfortable recliner chairs! I hope they make it a success as I really like this theatre and it is very convenient!
Sunny weather, serene scenery, plants, food and movies--what else could you want?!

User Comments

I could never go to watch a movie in a recliner type chair they have these days. I'd be alseep five minutes after the movie started.

You don't have to recline!!!!!  LOL

Doesn't matter, I can fall asleep sitting up in my recliner by putting my arm on the thick padded arm rest and leaning on my hand.....LOL

Well you're an old man!!!!  :O)

But I'm wide awake and ready to go once I go to bed.....LOL

So go to the movie then!!!

Ah, a snapshot of your life.

A good life!!!!

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