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This is amazing!!! (Edited)

Added: Sunday, September 22nd 2019 at 1:22pm by greatmartin
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I just looked this over--don't know how they do it!!  Like 8,000 channels for $29.95.  It has all the channels you have to pay separate for with a cable company like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc., plus all local channels. I wonder if it is a Moviepass deal like for a year I saw over 90 movies for $89 and then they went bust!!

I am trying their 24 hour trial just flipping through stations to see what I can see--I might keep this and get rid of Prime and Netflix!!!

At the end of the trial they asked if I wanted to subscribe or not--I said no (right now I can't afford it in addition to netflix & prime). 

I watched stations from Canada, Australia, England, USA, etc., and got perfect pictures even though I have slower Internet speed.

I have a firestick TV--they even suggest you just get a firestick remote for less than $30 at Best Buy!!!

Vontronix TV Channel List

User Comments

Are there really 8000 channels?

I've heard it's pretty good... but also that it's hit and miss with a lotta channels.

You have to have one of the following to use this, so mostly you be watching tv on a cell phone or expensive Apple or Android set top television, unless you have an Amazon Firestick.


Requirements!  (Plus high speed internet, not the cheapy internet)

Any IOS - Apple, Phone, IPad or Apple TV box     

Any Android - Tablet, Phone or TV box

Any Amazon Fire TV - Stick or box

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