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Added: Friday, January 27th 2023 at 7:42pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment

1) "Break Point"--Netflix--Documentary--4 hours & 9 minutes--Synopsis: travel along with some of the world's most talented athletes--an action paced documentary--action packed--there is an excitement watching champion players!
2) "The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour & 25 minutes--Synopsis: a happy go lucky nomad's ascent to viral stardom and his deep spiral into imprisonment--becoming a 'star' can make you crazy even if you weren't before!
3) "Kaleidoscope"--Netflix--8 episodes-6 hours & 18 minutes--Synopsis: a master thief and his crew attempt an epoch heist worth 7 Billion Dollars--betrayal, greed and other threats undermine their plans--suspenseful, exciting, all kinds of twist-- another twist--you can watch 8 episodes in any order you want and you will wind up in the same solution every time!
4) "Leap Year"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 40 minutes--Synopsis: a real estate worker heads to Ireland to ask her boyfriend to marry her--a young Irish innkeeper is hired to take her to her boyfriend in Dublin--do I have to tell you how it and where it ends? I didn't think so--it's a Leap Year love story--how could it not be fun & sweet? Wait until next year when MY Leap Year birthday comes out on Thursday, February 29, 2024 when I will be 22 and my party will be sweet, funny and exciting!
5) "Copenhagen Cowboy"--Netflix--Danish series--season one--6 episodes--5 hours & 15 minutes--Synopsis: being sold as a human good luck charm a woman with supernatural abilities seeks revenge against those who wronged her--complete disaster--weird story, awful music, sets--some scenes directed horribly.
6) "Living"--Gateway Theatre--1 our & 55 minutes--Synopsis: a humorless civil servant decides to take time off to explore life--Bill Nighy earned a well deserved Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his understated performance in this very British film.
7) "Madoff--The Monster of Wall Street"--Netflix--documentary--1 season--4 episodes--4 hours & 9 minutes--Synopsis: rise and fall of Bernie Madoff who orchestrated the biggest ponzi scheme in in Wall Street history--watch the 4th episode and see what destruction this man did in search of wealth and how little he seemed to care!
8) "The Makanai--Cooking for the Maiko House"--Netflix--Japanese series--9 episodes--about 6 hours--Synopsis: two inseparable friends move to Kyoto to chase their dreams of  becoming Maikos (apprentice geishas ) but Nana Mori finds a new calling as a cook for the house while Natsuki  Deguchi goes through geisha training--EXCELLENT LOOK INTO A WAY OF LIFE MOST OF US WILL NEVER KNOW ABOUT--REALLY ENJOYED IT--HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE A MOVIE THAT LOVES FOOD--WATCHING MORI PREPARE, MAKE AND SERVE FOOD IS SEEING LOVE COME ALIVE.
9) "Dog Gone"--Netflix--movie based on a true story--1hour & 35 minutes-- Synopsis: when a beloved dog goes missing a young man embarks on an incredible search with parents--you know there will be fun, tears and joy--oh, did I mention the dog gets lost after running out and needs to take some medicine to stay alive--oh yes, did I mention tears? A GOOD OLD-FASHIONED FILM!
10) "Mammals"--Prime Amazon--series--season 1--6 episodes--2 hours & 40 minutes--Synopsis: revelations and secrets come to light as the complexity of modern marriage & fidelity are explored--the wife cheats, the husband doesn't-- James Corden as the husband and restaurant owner is a surprise as is the last scene.
11) "The Rig"--Prime Amazon--Scottish series--season 1--8 episodes--5 hours & 8 minutes--Synopsis: an oil rig finds themselves cut off from all communication-- it's all here plus add a little sci-fi, fights among the crew, human ashes, --sorry all boring!
12) "Trial By Fire"--Netflix--Hindu documentary--7 episodes--5 hours & 19 minutes--Synopsis: after the deadly fire at the Uphaar Cinema 2 grief struck parents navigate the loss of their kids and a fight for justice--EMOTIONALLY HARD TO WATCH BUT NO GRATUITOUS SCENES.

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I just watched The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker this afternoon.

Dog Gag Sticker - Dog Gag Cute Stickers

I have written these down, but have some reading to do, plus I have been watching Good Fight...about a upper crust white woman lawyer that tries to retire and then comes back and works at another all-black firm.

Is that the  one with with Christine Baranski?? I love her and she started when this series was called The Good Wife--excellent!

Yep, this is a "spin-off" I guess where she retires, and then has to go back to work.  Lots of personal and professional drama.

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