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Maria islamsh59 fangio821

The first 10 days of 2021

Added: Sunday, January 10th 2021 at 1:42pm by greatmartin
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While the outside world hasn't gotten 2021 off to good my little inner world is doing okay. I got my new Social Security check with the raise--not much but it is more than I made last year plus I got the stimulus check.

 My first 3 months of any year are taken up with doctors as most old folks know that routine. Last Tuesday I went to give blood as part of my physical and I will sit down with my primary tomorrow and we will go over the results. On Thursday I went to get 4 X-Rays for a problem I have been having since October and I am hoping they will give some answer or answers to what is wrong. Before I see my primary I have to go for an eye test to renew my driver's license so I can legally drive until I am 93 years old! On Tuesday off to the podiatrist and then a break until I see my vascular surgeon who I really hope can help with the pain in my legs but I have a feeling he won't be able to do much but we will worry about that then. All my plants--the holiday cacti, geraniums, begonias--left 2020 inbloom and they have have been blooming ever since January 1, 2021 so in my private world all is good! Oh, I forgot to mention, had a FREE Baskin Robbins Sundae (see above) which is always a good start to a new year!

User Comments

I go to a foot doctor every 3 months, which reminds me that I need to call and make my appointment since it is time, and they could do an appointment for 2021 the last visit, but other than that, might seem scattered thoughtout the year.

oh, and I agree, free ice cream is always good, no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

I started off the New Year with ice cream and carrot cake--how can I complain???

I get 6 free appointments with the podiatrist a year but they are done in 3 minutes!! LOL

My appointments are for the purpose of cutting my toenails since I have diabetes.


That's all I get done anyway which is why I said 3 minutes!! LOL


I have an odd walking pattern and end up having bunions shaved off each time so it takes about 8 minutes or so for mine. {#basic-cool.gif}

Dude! 93 you're a total spunk! I hope the xrays and test goes well, happy new year btw x

I'll know in about an hour but I don't worry about it--I do have good doctors and they know what they are doing even if I don't! LOL

Hopefully they'll have warm hands :)

I won't go there---no, I didn't mean that!!! Wait!  Face to face conversation is so much better than typing a comment!

Lots gets lost in translation but I think I get it {#angelgirl.gif}

I would blush if I said it!! {#basic-blush.gif}

Today's the 20th, so what have you been doing the last ten days?

Doctor visits go okay?

Just started them--usual beginning of the new year--first 3 months spent goinbg to and from doctors and waiting in their offices!!

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