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Streaming reviews---week of October 26, 2020

Added: Friday, October 30th 2020 at 10:00am by greatmartin
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1) "The Loudest Voice"--Prime Video--7 episode series--5 hours and 50 minutes--originally on Showtime--every American, especially females, who like and/or believe Fox News should see this--see how Fox News was put together and how they zeroed in on Trump to sell the station--Russell Crowe and his make up dominate the series --A MUST SEE!

2) "Enola Holmes"--Netflix--movie--2 hours and 4 minutes--Did you know Sherlock Holmes had a baby sister that he didn't see for 15 years? or that he had an older brother who was a snob? And all 3 had a feminist mother who disappeared? Who cares!! A delightful movie--while not a must sit back, relax and enjoy.

3) "The Queen's Gambit"--Netflix--series--season 1--7 episodes--6 hours and 33 minutes--never thought I would hold my breath during a chess match--don't have to know chess--a girl's journey to being a woman--EXCELLENT

4) "Reggie Yates: Outside Man"--Netflix--series--6 episodes--5 hours and 14 minutes--Interviews gay men in the U.K. in 1 episode and in another what men will do to get a '6 pac', to crime in Chicago, Australian addiction, riots in the USA and U.K. men at war--interesting but not interesting enough an interviewer

5) "The Haunting of Bly Manor"--Netflix--series--9 episodes--8 hours and 6 minutes--based on Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw"--much better version in 1961 in a movie called "The Innocents" with Deborah Kerr--I couldn't get past the 3rd episode of this version.

6) "The Lie"--Netflix--movie--1 hour and 37 minutes--What would you do to protect your child? This movie answers what one divorced couple does--a psychological thriller with a very twisted ending--okay.

User Comments

I watched Enola Holmes.  I liked it pretty well.  I especially liked a look at the Holmes family from a different angle.  

I loved that 'alone' bit!!

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