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Streaming reviews--week of October 12, 2020

Added: Friday, October 16th 2020 at 3:14pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: movie reviews, tv series


1) "Secreto Bien Guardado"--Netflix--Argentinean series--season 1--8 episodes--3 hours and 30 minutes--
A 17-year-old Jewish girl goes to Argentina with her family in 1940 where she falls in love with a young nazi lawyer--good enough to hold your interest but leaves 2 major items open with the first being why isn't something made of the 'sauce' and second why is the fact that a young woman in the 1940s is running a huge business more of an issue? You'll have to watch it to see what I am talking about!

2) "All Day & a Night"--Netflix--American Movie--2 hours and 1 minute--father and son struggling to break the pattern of Black men sacrificing their lives to crime--too long--I don't know who the audience for this movie  is

3) "Dolly Parton: Here I Am"--Documentary--1 hour and 29 minutes--she is one of a kind: singer, entertainer, songwriter, funny, warm, real, a smart businesswoman and, like her, this documentary is all that--a winner

4) "Deaf U"--Netflix--Reality Show--season 1--8 episodes--2 hours and 30 minutes--getting to know you in sign language and speech--all people have the same problems--whether it be love, life or just getting through the day along with being judged especially among college kids--interesting.

5) "The Duchess"--Netflix--series--season 1--6 episodes--2 hours and 20 minutes--Katherine Ryan created, wrote, stars and is one of the producers--she also proves she can be as foul-mouthed as any male actor on-screen-- knows every 'dirty' word and every body part and uses them all--not funny.

6) "Mr. Robot"--Netflix--series--season 4--14 episodes--10 hours 41 minutes--I watched the first 3 seasons on the USA cable station--couldn't wait for each week's episode--so far season 4 Elliot aka Mr. Robot, has 8 days to live has been incomprehensible, to me, and after 5 episodes I am ready to give up.

7) "Evil"--Netflix--series--season 1--13 episodes--9 hours--originally done on CBS--religious mystery versus secular science--David DaCosta (Mike Colter) church assessor, priest in training, examining miracles and demons versus Dr. Kristen Bouchard (Katia Herbers) forensics psychologist whose husband is across the world mountain climbing while she has 4 daughters to take care of--don't ask--I don't know! I am mainly watching it because it also has Christine Lahti who I would never miss in whatever she does--there is a major storyline, just starting in episode 4, around her and I want to know where it will lead to--the series? Okay so far.

8) "You Got This"---Netflix--Mexican film--1 hour and 51 minutes--a romantic comedy both romantic and funny--a successful married couple both on the cusp of reaching their goals--he wants a baby and she doesn't--he babysits a run-away's kid--as one of the characters says in the very funny middle of the movie, "This could be a Julia Roberts movie," and since the male lead looks like Paul Rudd I can see Hollywood remaking it with them! An enjoyable film with a heart.

9) "An Easy Girl"--Netflix--French movie--1 hour and 32 minutes--2 female cousins on vacation in Cannes who are completely different and we see how they are treated by others--mainly men--for how they look. It is not  

User Comments

I've only watched Mr Robot out of those, but I did love the first 3 series, the 4th was hard work. Excellent acting and great writing. 

I Also cued up Jack Whitehall - Travels with My Father as per your recomendation - thanks , it's very funny!

I think Jack's father is great!! Just the expressions on his face get me laughing.

Thanks for the recommend! 

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