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Streaming Reviews September 2021 Part 5

Added: Sunday, September 26th 2021 at 2:19pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment

1) "Everybody's Talking About Jamie"--Amazon Prime--movie--1 hour & 56 minutes--I had heard a bit about it being sort of an off-Broadway musical that was opening in London but the synopsis, "Teenage boys wants to become a professional drag queen", turned me off but I decided to watch it for a few minutes--1 hour & 56 minutes flew by and I had watched the whole movie--Max Harwood is excellent as the teenager and Richard E. Grant is dynamite as his 'drag teacher', his professional Godmother--some very good production numbers--BE SURE TO WATCH THE END CREDITS AND 'MEET' THE REAL MOTHER AND SON THIS IS BASED ON--A MUST SEE MOVIE!

2) "Lucifer"--Netflix--series--season 6--10 episodes--8 hours & 44 minutes--as good as the first season--first rate all the way-a lot of fun while the serious aspects of the devil and G-d are handled straight and with feeling--you get to know all the characters and believe in Adam and Eve along with the various angels and children of G-d--THIS HAS BEEN A FIRST RATE SERIES AND ENDS ON A HIGH NOTE AND TOM ELLIS AS LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR, THE DEVIL, LEADS AN OUTSTANDING CAST

3) "The River Runner"--Netflix--documentary--filmed in Tibet--1 hour & 25 minutes--paddling is not an easy sport and though we are following 4 men wanting to be the first to paddle across 4 great rivers the film is interested particularly in Scott Lindgren's quest and it becomes obvious why--SHOWS WHAT MAKES A CHAMP A CHAMP--EXCELLENT

4) "The Social Dilemma"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour & 34 minutes--though most of us are aware of how the Internet knows so much about us not many know how they are using that information and how media companies are starting, if not already, are ruling the world--THIS DOCUMENTARY MAY MAKE A LOT OF PEOPLE USE THE INTERNET LESS--I SUGGEST SEEING THIS WITH "CLICK BAIT" (SEE PART 4 REVIEW)--INTERESTING AND , POSSIBLY, FRIGHTENING DOUBLE BILL

5) "Open Your Eyes"--Netflix--Polish sci-fi series--season 1--6 episodes--4 hours & 41 minutes--absolutely crazy!--didn't understand it or what was happening BUT I LOVED IT! I HAD NO IDEA WHO THE LEAD IS AND/OR WHERE SHE WAS NOR DOES SHE AND I WATCHED IT ALL IN ONE SEATING

6) "Sex Education"--Netflix--season 3--8 episodes--7 hours & 29 minutes--seems like a tired story about teenagers trying to find themselves--having or not having sex--trust issues--problems with adults--but it all feels fresh as WE GET TO KNOW ALL SIDES OF THE INDIVIDUAL TEENAGERS AND THOUGH SOME HAVE RUN OF THE MILL PROBLEMS THEY HANDLE THEM DIFFERENTLY AND IN INTERESTING WAYS


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