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Added: Tuesday, May 24th 2022 at 8:52pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment

1) "Blood Sisters"--Netflix--Nigerian limited series--4 episodes--3 hours & 44 minutes--Uduak, (played by Kate Henshaw-Nuttal) is like no other mother you have ever seen--including Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in "Mommie Dearest"!! She is evil, nasty, bitchy--name it--and she excels at the drama--her clothes are WOW as many of the costumes and accessories are but HER outfits, attitude, jewelry and the looks she gives, as mother of the groom who doesn't approve of the bride, are none you have never seen before--the themes are relatable to families everywhere if not as melodramatic--and the series is full of melodrama--there are a couple of good twists in the series but the whole show belongs to Kate Henshan-Nuttal--a must see to believe!

2) "Bordertown"--Netflix--Finnish series--3 seasons--season 1--11 episodes--10 hours & 27 minutes-- the leading man is on of the most boring characters I have seen in years--as he is in charge of the murder investigation of young girls, which is not new to the first story called the "Doll House"--whether he is boring or written that way I don't know but I gave up by the 6th episode--it is good if you want to be put to sleep!

3) "The Kids in the Hall"--Amazon Prime--8 episodes--3 hours & 23 minutes--maybe the 'kids' gave their all when they first came on the scene but it seems they have nothing more to give--anyone, like me, who aren't familiar with them won't understand why this was made and those who did see them when they were young will wonder why this has been made!

4) "Our Father"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour & 37 minutes--Doctor Cline inseminated at least 94 women with his sperm who have had a child by him and not their consent--he truly believes he did it in the name of God--he told the women the sperm was donated by a pool of medical students--we hear from many of the siblings not knowing each other about their health problems, mental problems among other things all this has caused by this one doctor (and, eventually, at least 44 others who did the same thing). We only hear from the women and except for his belief that God made him do it we learn nothing about the man--there were no laws against what he did and he received a one-year suspended sentence, a $500 fine andultimately, served no prison time--this is a horror story with the monster walking away.

5) "Operation Mincemeat"--Netflix--British film--2 hours & 7 minutes--based on the true story of an elaborate subterfuge during WW 2--the title was based on a beginning author who served in the outfit--Ian Flemming--it is a high class production with, as expected, excellent acting--the last shot after the 'what happened to...?' is as fitting an ending to a true story as you can get--as much as I love American movies only the English can make a movie like this and make it so good!

6) "David Spade; Nothing Personal"--Netflix--standup special--1 hour & 6 minutes--he is a professional who has been around over 30 years--yet I felt I was watching a guy trying standup comedy for the first time--yes the "F" word, penis jokes, crass stories--nothing funny--nothing memorable--all forgotten 2 minutes after whatever he says--even the crudeness regarding Sly Stallone and others--a complete waste of time!

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      User Comments

      Martin, I sincerely thank you again for your diligence. I luved watching Kids in the Hall in the 1990's.

      I didn't love watching them last night! :O)

      And...yes!, the English do a better job of making such movies.

      "Clifton Webb, Josephine Griffin, Gloria Grahame and Robert Fleming in The Man Who Never Was 1956"--seems Hollywood made it--I don't remember it!!!! :O)

      OMG Mincemeat was absolutely wonderful!!!{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}

      Seems there was an earlier version with Cliftn Webb and Gloria Graham--I don't remmeber it at all!


      I watched Blood Sisters.  It was amazing, scarey, upsetting and all sorts of things.  And until at least half way though, I was sure that neither one of the two principal mothers involved were good.  I changed my mind about one of them but not the other.

      Thank goodness whatever issues my mother had, she wasn't like that....glamourous clothes or not.

      I loved Kate Henshaw-Nuttal---want to see what else she was/is in!!!

      She played the mother?  I looked on google to see...she looks younger in real life, although the mother wasnt that old looking...and yes, she was a good actress.

      I will also confess that it was interesting, and different from most hollywood movies to see an almost all Black cast.  Of course this was in Nigera.

      Oh, and I don't think any of the other reviews this time are my thing.

      Mincemeat is intyeresting!

      Maybe, but somehow that has never attracted me.

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