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Added: Wednesday, June 22nd 2022 at 8:50pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment

1) " Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin: Ladies Night Live"--Netflix--1 hour--part of the Netflix 'Netflix is a joke festival' being shown in separate statements--I LOVE Jane and Lily and would see them in anything anywhere because just seeing them make me smile--they basically introduce the acts, all who are women except at the end one man comes on--Jane and Lily answer questions that have been submitted by audience members--if only that was the hour but no we get comediennes who prove they can use the 'f' word as often as men and be just as 'dirty'--Jane is the only one (sorry but Lily used it once!) who didn't use it but then she wasn't/isn't a standup comic--sorry, I didn't laugh once at any of the comics though Jane and Lily did make me smile!

2) "Spiderhead"--Netflix--1 hour & 47 minutes--I am not quite sure what kind of movie this is supposed to be--a mad scientist goes crazy or a sci-fi movie regarding control of minds--is it a take off or a farce or a comedy or thriller or what?!? All I can say is I watched it to the end and all I can tell you is that it a story of a doctor(?) who gives killers all kinds of drugs to control them but.......just from this film I have become a big fan of Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett--it's hard to tell where the story is going but stick with it.

3) "Outer Range"--Prime--series--season 1--8 episodes--7 hours & 20 minutes--is this a sci-fi western or a western sci-fi? Is there a difference? There is a hole in the center of the earth (that I think goes into another world) on a ranch--people are thrown or jump into the hole and some return 8 years later, some don't and who the heck is Autumn? Josh Brolin is an interesting actor who always gives a first rate performance as he does here and if you want to know some of the answers season 2 is waiting for you.

4) "Bathtubs Over Broadway"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour and 26 minutes--for many years there was a part of show business that many people didn't know about called industrial shows--the shows employed many people who made a living working them or in between Broadway shows--many stars came from them and many established composers wrote the music for the shows--the shows were put on by big corporations for their employees--I know about them because my dad took me to 2 Milikin shows--one of the shows, in 1956, cost $3 million while the original production that year of "My Fair Lady" only cost $500,000--Steve Young who was a long time writer for the Late Show with David Letterman and became interested in the recordings of these shows when David started doing "Dave's Record Collection"--he takes us on a journey looking for and finding these rare recordings and meets, introducing us to singers and dancerswho did the show and makes this documentary a fascinating trip to 'yesterday'--thanks to my Facebook friend who steered me to this.

5) "Toy Boy"--Netflix--Spanish series--season 1--13 episodes--11 hours & 5 minutes--all I can say is that it took me 3 episodes to realize that I had seen, and reviewed, this before and watched 2 seasons so it couldn't have been THAT bad!

User Comments

I remember wanting the first two of these.  I don't usually have a negative reaction to a few "naughty words" in a comedy act, but don't remember very much about the individual comics so maybe that tells you how I felt about the show that Jane and Lilly hosted.

I watched Spiderhead last night after noticing it about 3 times and wondering has about.  I enjoyed it.

Oh the  naughty words don't bother me---I just find them funny nor do they add anything to whatever the person id syaing or trying to say!

Yeah, I laugh or don't based on the humor, the words don't really enter into it.

I have to start spell checking my comments BEFORE I post them!! LOL

Ok, I watched Outer Range, because, you know, science fiction.  :)  I would say it is a science fiction story set in the modern west but anyway not a traditional western for sure, cuz then I wouldn't have really liked it.

It was also a very dark story but in regard to your question....remembering the details toward the very end might answer that question?  

I am hoping there is another season of this because as far as I am concerned there are a lot of questions.

No the end doesn't answer the many questions it brings up! Who the heck is Autumn??????????

I think i know.

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