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Added: Tuesday, June 28th 2022 at 8:21pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment

1) "Wedding War"--Prime--2006 movie---1 hour & 27 minutes--funny even though dealing with serious subjects--though not the major story, for years people had talked/laughed at what would happen if all gay people went on strike, and that's the second story with the primary one being the brother (Eric Dane) of a gay man (John Stamos) who works for the governor (James Brolin) hires his brother to be the wedding planner for his marriage to the woman (Bonnie Somerville) who is the daughter of the governor  and the latter, surprisingly to all of them, comes out against gay marriage--a delightful surprise!

2) "Save Me"--Prime--2007 movie--1 hour & 33 minutes--after a suicide attempt Mark (Chad Allen) is sent to a 12 step program by his brother Paul (Paul Scallon) which is run by husband Ted (Stephen Lang) and wife Gayle (Judith Light) team who help men who to stop being homosexuals--Mark quickly befriends Scott (Robert Gant)--the movie gets into religion versus sex, Christians versus Gays and whether the latter is a choice or inherited--a movie that doesn't dodge the questions and Judith Light, almost unrecognizable, gives a strong performance as does most of the cast!

3) "The Falls"--Prime--the first of 3 movies--2012--1 hour & 31 minutes--written, produced and directed (but NOT starring) Jon Garcia--2 Mormon missionaries fall in love--it is a simple, sweet realistic tale and the positives and negatives of the gay aspect and what/how their religion deals with it are held out and looked at--the dialogue is real as are the emotions and feelings expressed--the two leads make you care for and about them--there are two sequels and I am looking forward to them being shown on Prime,

4) "Alex Strangelove"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 39 minutes--starts off like every other teenage movie--a very intelligent, nerdy guy ust happens to have a beautiful girlfriend but they haven't done 'it' yet--maybe he is gay--so, yes, for the next hour playing the question, "Is he gay or not?"--nothing new--nothing different--another teenage film--then 15-20 minutes before the end a completely different turn from the other 1,119 teenage movies takes place--I love a movie that surprises me even if only in the last 15 minutes!

5) "Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual"--Netflix--standup special--1 hour & 7 minutes--that does it! No more drug, sex, using the 'f' word constantly and not being funny for me! No more standup comics!

User Comments

1. I loved Wedding Wars, but have to admit that part of it was that I like John Stamos.  (yes, I am a dirty old man....sue me)

2.  I enjoyed "Save me" because I am a fan of Chad Allen's.  I really enjoyed his movies (3 or 4) where he was a PI.  He was a man with issues and that sterotypical noire type dective....just gay and in Albany, NY I believe it was in those.  And "Save Me" was very moving.

I think I have seen the other two as well, but don't remember the details so I may watch them again.

5.  I saw Joel Kim Booster and for me the language wasn't a problem.  (that's where we differ) However, I can't say I remember individual jokes...but remember generally liking his style.

The use of 'bad language' has become so mainstream that  kids use it every day plus it doesn't amke unfunny jokes funny!

Yess Strangelove also caught me in the end!

I don't remember the bad language being an attempt (from my viewpoint) to make non-funny jokes funny....as i remember he was pretty funny but I would agree that bad language doesn't make a joke funny if itn't already.

I rewatched Alex Strangelove....I will just say that at the last scene, I had chills and tears in my eyes.

I've really picked bad ones this week!

I don't think they were bad at all.  :)

I haven't posted the reviews yet!!! :O)


oh sorry I thought you were talking about THIS post.


I thought that! LOL

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