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Should I become a pepper farmer?

Added: Sunday, September 27th 2020 at 11:22am by greatmartin
Related Tags: houseplants

As I was watering my plants I started to see a pepper here, a pepper there a pepper everywhere and after counting those I could see I poked around and before I knew it I counted 17 peppers!!!

The amazing thing to me is that I started with a few seeds from one bell pepper thrown into a pot with some dirt in it and here I am with 7 plants all with peppers of different colors and sizes!!

Now I am thinking of taking the 28 house plants I have and growing peppers in all of them and once a month having a 'pepper sale'! There are 0 expenses involved and as far as time goes I have plenty of that---free! I certainly can sell them at a much lower price than the supermarkets charge!

Mmmmmm--I will have to give this some thought! Of course with extra income my rent would go up, I would have to pay taxes, would probably have to hire a lawyer to incorporate a business and then hire an accountant to take charge of my taxes which I would probably forget to declare and/or pay, get charged with avoiding taxes, sent to jail.

On second thought I will just stick to the 7 pots of peppers and the pots of Geraniums, Begonias, miniature Norfolk Pine and various 'Christmas cactus' plants, giving away and/or cooking with whatever peppers I get each month!

User Comments

I just had a vision of you standing around the complex secretly asking passerbys if they want some peppers.{#basic-laugh.gif}

But I don't do it secretly!

Yes, you should. If you wish to draw others to you.

I 'draw' too many as it is!! LOL

Me too.

When you got 'it' you got 'it'!

Born with it. It feels like an unnecessary burden. Trying to teach it to those who won't have it. Like driving penny nails into a thick steel plate.

As the good old saying went: "If you got 'it' flaunt 'it'!"


Flaunt. Ok. But how do I manage to keep my natural baritone from going nasally when the pesky ungays amongst us IRK. As they often do? I'm telling you, I do have a baritone. But *itches vex Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Just did a bit of research into the word 'flaunt'. It'll do. For now.

As Mama Rose in "Gypsy" sings--"You either have it or had it!"

In that case, Mama Rose called it correctly. Good for Mama Rose, then. :-)

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