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October brings surprises--mainly for the good!

Added: Tuesday, October 12th 2021 at 2:00pm by greatmartin
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October 2021 started off with a surprise when Chuck called to say he and Terry would be in on Monday October 4 around 4 PM to spend the week. I hadn't seen them since Leap Year 2020 and since then they had moved from Memphis, Tennessee, to Port Richey, Florida, about 280 to 300 miles from Fort Lauderdale so I was hoping I would see them more than once every 4 years!
The main things we did was talk, eat and drive around. We ate at Peter Pan's Diner, Ferdo's, Osha's and stopped at Kilwin's for some ice cream. Between Tuesday and Wednesday we went for a drive down to Hollywood and up to Boca Raton. Seems construction is going on all over this State! Unfortunately they got a call from a neighbor of theirs that water was leaking out of their new home so they had to cut their trip short and left early Thursday. I was disappointed but was really glad to see them!

I had another really unexpected, very pleasant surprise at about the same time that Chuck told me they were coming here.

Long story short--In 1979, shortly after I arrived in Fort Lauderdale I met Emir, we became friends and he 'disappeared' in the late 1990's--a couple of weeks ago he 'found' me on facebook and since he was coming to South Florida to visit his mother we arranged to get together for dinner. When I opened my door I saw the Emir I knew 42 years ago. My mind knew that wasn't possible but it is the same with Chuck who I met when he was in his 20s and now in his 60s that is the Chuck I see.

I haven't been out on a Saturday night in a long time but I was surprised at how hard it would be to have dinner and talk leisurely as most places take reservations and, in addition, stopped serving at 9 PM! We finally went to IHOP where we had the place to ourselves! Since he comes to see his mother every month I hope our getting together will be a regular thing.

By the way you are never too old to learn as I learned! The second picture in the top row on the left there is a blue reflector which I didn't realize are all over the roads in the city and didn't know what they are for until Chuck/Terry told me they were as a signal to fire trucks that a fire hydrant is nearby.  "While you might not notice them while you are driving around, they are useful for vehicles attending a fire because they can quickly locate a source of water."  Now I see them wherever I go! Does your city/state have them?

And on another note--I have never seen Matt Amadio, the contestant, who won 38 nights in a row and $1, 519, 601 on Jeopardy as I stopped watching after Alex Trebek died and they started having all those different hosts. Last night I decided to watch him and called Allen and told him that if the guy loses he can blame me. Guess what? YES!!! He lost!

All in all the start of October has been great--well, maybe not for Matt--and I am looking forward to seeing Emir again and more trips from Chuck and Terry!

I am growing my beard again!

User Comments

We have those blue reflectors, they've been around for years.

Near fire hydrants??? First time I ever heard of it!!

Yes, they show firemen where the hydrants are. It really helps at night since they are placed in the street so the headlights can reflect off them.

I'll try to remember next time I'm in town to see if they have the blue reflectors. What a lovely start to the month for you Martin. 

So far so good---as is the weather!!

It is great to see old friends again. On Sunday I am meeting up and having lunch with a friend I havent seen or heard from for 22 years!!  I am really looking forward to it.  If it were not for facebook I would never have seen or heard from friends or even family members I havent seen for decades. Social media can be dangerous but it can also be very beneficial.

But......Emir remembers too many bad things about me!!!! LOL

that's YOUR fault, not Emir's.....{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

about the beard.......WHY???????????

Why not????? LOL

personally I like a nice clean shaven face but that's just me....{#basic-laugh.gif}

I alternate--appeal to those that like beards for 6 months and then shave it off and appeal to those who don't like beards!!  Men think different than women!!!! LOL

Sounds as if you are enjoying life Martin and good for you. Hope you have a great time with friends.

I have always had good taste in friends!!  Partners no--friends yes!!! LOL

I know that feeling Martin. lol

Good morning Martin! Hope your Friday is everything fun.

As long as I wake up it is---and was!!! :O)

Water dripping out of their house? Plusungood.

Turned out to be a broken pipe under the floor!

Good thing it wasn't upstairs...if they have an upstairs...

Nope---one floor!!

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