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Added: Wednesday, October 27th 2021 at 12:12pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: mother nature

Weather  (At 1 PM)   87 degrees   1% chance of rain  partly cloudy

Absolutely beautiful day--sun is shining--cloud puffs drifting--breeze blowing

And indoors my original Holiday plant is overflowing with pink and white blossoms while the newest plant made from the original has 2 buds with one---a white one--starting to blossom with each day the blossom getting larger!

Added to the beautiful day was my visit to my primary doctor for my quarterly blood report and he says everything looks good--the only problem is that his report says nothing about my having to go to the hospital on the 16th of November for ????? That's a good question as I won't know for another week!! I believe it is to replace the aorta valve of the one replaced July 2008 but for some reason the cardiologist hasn't informed my primary and the former's Nurse Practitioner won't tell me until the week before!

Got my new glasses this past Monday and hopefully all my dentist work will be done on Friday and the NEW Martin will be ready to face the world---not that there was anything wrong with the old one!

User Comments

Is it me or does it seem odd that you are the last to know about anything that involves ripping open your chest to get to the inside?

YES!!! I think my doctors saw "Alien" too many times!!

We had our first beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies today too, after weeks of miserable  rainy days.

New glasses, new teeth, new Martin....living the best life!!

The only way!!

That's crazy they don't give you notice and time to process and plan your medical procedures. The flowers are pretty and it sounds like the weather is perfectly to your preferences. Here we are having rain, fog, crisp mornings and chilly nights. I love it!

The Nurse Practitioner is very good and I will probably hear from her this week--if not I will call her--I just don't like her boss---the cardiologist!! :O)

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