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kevinsgirl Maria

Movie Theatres Reopening

Added: Thursday, August 13th 2020 at 1:03pm by greatmartin
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Regal theatres opening Aug. 28 and AMC theatres opening Aug. 20. I keep on getting emails about the theatre chains that are opening and what they are doing to make the places safe and the specials they are having!!

On August 20 the AMC will be charging ONLY 15 cents celebrating their 100th anniversary with the price they were charging in 1920! (Coral Ridge is on their list of openings!) Also they will be charging only $5 for 'bring back' titles. (Go to amc.com for the list of all movies--new and old--they will be showing.) On August 28 the Regal at Cypress Creek will be opening and they are doing a lot of $5 specials from movies to popcorn. (Go to regmovies.com/theatres/regal-cypress-creek for more information.) And today--FREE--my special--my first video done on my phone in 2020! LOL


User Comments

https://youtu.be/Y2J1ll6CPMA   for FREE short!!! LOL

15 cents in 1920 is around $2.00 today, so still a bargain from normal prices they charge.

I couldn't afford it then and I can't afford it now!!!{#basic-cool.gif}

Hope you enjoy your visit.  Knowing how much you love the theatre it must have been very difficult this past few months.

I won't be going until it is a MUST SEE movie!!

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