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Added: Monday, March 27th 2023 at 12:16pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment

1) "Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris"--Prime Amazon--British film--1 hour & 55 minutes--Synopsis: an ordinary woman dreams of going to Paris and buying a Christian Dior dress--turns out Mrs. Harris is not 'ordinary' and the actress, Lesley Manville, isn't either--she kept reminding me of Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday" though they look nothing alike--A DELIGHTFUL MUST SEE FILM & PERFORMANCE!
2) "RBG"--Prime Amazon--Documentary--1 hour & 38 minutes--Synopsis: a candid look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg's exceptional life--her husband almost steals the film with his sense of humor but the focus is on all she accomplished as a lawyer and Supreme Court Judge for equal rights==A MUST SEE ENTERTAINING FILM ABOUT A LIFE WELL LIVED!
3) "If I Had Wings"--Prime Amazon--Movie--1 hour & 28 minutes--Synopsis: 17 year old Alex dreams of flying and running cross country and not being blind stopping him--Alex and Brad learn to lean on each other as high school friends--there in no innuendos to it being a sexual relationship--A REALLY GOOD TEENAGE STORY THAT NEVER OVERSTEPS BOUNDARIES!
4) "GAGA FIVE FOOT TWO"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour & 40 minutes--Synopsis: Lady Gaga releases a new album, preps for the SuperBowl half time show, confronts physical and emotional struggles--she, literally, lets it all hang out--she first impressed when she sang with Tony Bennett--I really like her voice--AFTER THIS I REALLY LIKE HER AND HER HONESTY--WATCH THIS AND GET TO KNOW HER!
5) "Yeh Ballet"--Netflix--Indian Movie--1 hour & 57 minutes--Synopsis: discovered by an eccentric ballet master 2 gifted Mumbai teens face bigotry 7 dispproval--the 2 male leads in their acting debuts are dynamite--IF FOR NO OTHER REASON YOU MUST SEE THIS FOR THE DANCING--FROM THE OPENING STREET DANCES TO THE BALLET FINALE--WOW!
6) "I Love You Phillip Morris"--Prime Amazon--Movie--1 hourb & 38 minutes--Synopsis: after a terrible accident a cop and family man comes out of the closet--I was never a fan of Jim Carrey but he is fine in this--funny, sad--as is Ewan Mcgregor--THE ENDING REALLY SURPRISED ME IN A GOOD WAY AS DID THE MOVIE!
7) "Pray Away"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour & 41 minutes--Synopsis:--a look at Exodus, believers that Gay people can be 'cured'--DeSantis & HIS FOLLOWERS WILL LOVE THE FIRST HALF AN HATE THE SECOND PART--I FOUND IT ALL HO-HUM, IMMUNE TO THE LIES SAID/TOLD AGAIN AND AGAIN BY THE RIGHT AND 'conservatives'.
8) "Styling Hollywood"--Netflix--reality series--8 episodes--4 hours & 48 minutes--Synopsis: Jason, a fashion designer/dresser to the 'stars' and Adair, an interior decorator, partners in business and lovers in their personal life, are discussing having a baby while their business is taking off and they are each mentoring co-workers--we get to see the men working, their clients, their private lives and how they relate in business and in their relationship--I FOUND MOST OF IT FUN, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY FORGET THE CAMERA IS ON THEM!
9) "Hollywood Without Makeup"--Prime Amazon--Documentary--50 minutes--Synopsis: the title tells the story--loads of 'stars '--trying to guess who they are before being announced is fun--no story really--just a look at famous people--PROBABLY MORE INTERESTING FOR PEOPLE OVER 50 OR AVID MOVIE FANS WHO WOULD KNOW THE MANY FAMOUS PEOPLE NOT SO FAMOUS NOW!
10) "Waco: American Apocalypse"--Netflix--Documentary--limited series--2 hours & 20 minutes--Synopsis:-- infamous 51-day standoff between federal agents and heavily armed religious cult in 1993--led by a man who thought he was God--this all happened 30 years ago and yet seems to be happening today--as the news told of an ex-president's staging a campaign to start a 'war' yesterday again in Waco, Texas--I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW MUCH I HAD SEEN IN THOSE 51 DAYS--IN A WAY A NIGHTMARE NOT TO BE REPEATED--A MUST SEE!
11) "Moving on"--playing in local theatres--1hour & 25 minutes--Synopsis: 2 old friends reconnect at a funeral and decide vto get revenge on the widower who messed with them decades before--the movie has a good basic storyline but it isn't in the abbreviated screenplay--FONDA AND TOMLIN ARE BECOMING THE BOB HOPE/BING CROSBY AND JERRY LEWIS/DEAN MARTIN OF TODY'S ENTERTAINMENT--THEY ARE FUN TO WATCH USING EACH OTHER AS SECOND BANANAS--MOVIE IS FOR THEIR FANS OF WHICH I AM ONE!

User Comments

I watched the Waco series on Netflix. The Waco siege is actually the first news story I ever remember as a kid. I was 6 when it happened, but I still remember it. I enjoyed the series a lot. Although I believe the Branch Davidians set the fire, I believe the FBI and ATF both messed things up as well.

6. I Love You Phillip Morris...I agree that Jim Carey does one of, it not the best, proformance of his life in this movie.  In a lot of his roles he seems silly more than anything else, but this actually was a fuller, more senious and real proformance...the characters good and bad points were brought out in a rather realistic weay.

2. RBG....She has been one of my favorite SC Justices and her work has my great admiration.

1. Mrs Harris goes to Paris....a wonderful "old style" movie, and I was very happy with the ending....encourages us to think that dreams always have a chance of coming true...no matter what time in life we are in....although we may have to look for the positive outcome...and it may take a little time.  Good movie.

9. Hollywood without Makeup--interesting but much of it were stars that I was unfamilar with, including the guy narrating.  I think I might have been more familar with them if I had had a TV before I was about 15, (1968) and if I had come from a home that was more into movie goiing.

4.  Gaga Five Feet Two--She is an icon for many of the younger LGBTQ population based in huge measure on her song "I was Born this way" which tells people that they are as God intended them to be and as beautiful as they are.  So, I was already in awe of her before watching this film, but you are right, she doesn't let it all hang out, with no real apologies or putting on any airs.  Very entertaining woman and I think as long as she wants she can keep being a star and amazing her fans in new and creative ways.

I knew ALL the old Hollywood stars!!!!  :O)

Yeah, not everybody (or even very many) were raised in a home without a television untll I was in the early to mid teens...AND forbidden to go to movies because it was considered a sin by my very religious father. {#bag-on-head.gif}

10. Waco  -- I think the best response I can come up with is 'awful....what a mess" I ended up feeling sorry for people on both sides.

8.  Styling Hollywood -- ok, honest reaction, I watched the first episode, and started the second and while I kind of enjoyed the interaction between the  two men (and I thought they were very handsome) I may or may not finish because I am not sure I want to watch the fashion part, and the struggle to come up with the prettiest dress etc.

Besides when I finished with Waco I saw another show called "unstable" with I think Rob Lowe and it is "calling to me".  :)



I've got Unstable on my list to watch! :O)

Yeah, it is funny....I have watched all but the last two episodes and will probably go back and some more of Syling.

I've been watching "Daisy and the Six"--not my type of music but interesting stories!!

Ok, I will check and see what that is about after I at least finish the last two episodes of Unstable.

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