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Added: Wednesday, March 15th 2023 at 9:27am by greatmartin
Related Tags: entertainment

1) "After Everything"--Prime--series--2 seasons--Synopsis: After a man loses his husband he must learn to navigate the world as a single gay man in his 50s--some episodes last a minute or 2 and others an hour--fast moving and interesting.

2) "Love At First Kiss"--Netflix--Spanish film--1 hour & 35 minutes--Synopsis: Javier can see the future and finally knows who the love of his life is--there is just one problem--I don't know what I expected but it wasn't this--very disappointing!

3) "The Is Where I Leave You"--Netflix--Movie--1 hour & 43 minutes--Synopsis: when their father dies siblings return home but mourning quickly takes a back seat to bickering back stabbing--this is like many 'family' movies but the cast puts it up above just another family film--Jane Fonda pulls a surprise very near the end.

4) "Sex/Life"--Netflix--season 2--6 episodes--5 hours & 9 minutes--Synopsis: Billie's emotional roller coaster ride of a day turns into a rousing night out when Cooper attempts to reignite the sparks in their relationship--I had watched season one and it was interesting enough for me to return and see season 2--it's good, interesting, a lot of sex between married couples, fun with some surprising spoilers like between Sasha & Kim but I hated the Emily ending.

5) "Out In The Dark"--Prime--Isreal film--1 hour & 36 minutes--Synopsis: a Palestinian student seeks refuge from the homophobia of his traditional West Bank village in the more gay-friendly atmosphere of Tel Aviv and falls in love with a privileged Jewish lawyer--families, politics, countries interfere with straight and gay couples & lives--an interesting film with 2 excellent leads.

6) "MMXL"--movie theatres--1 hour & 55 minutes--Synopsis: Mike gets involved with a stripper convention, some of his old dancers and some new plus a rich lady--if you have not seen the first film made in 2012 you should because you won't understand why this one was ever made--a waste of time, money and eyesight.

7) "The Consultant"--Prime--series--8 episodes--4 hours & 20 minutes--Synopsis: American black comedy thriller that explains the sinister relationship between boss and employees--this is certainly a series for people who are tech-smart, love computer games and those who like the actor  Christoph Waltz--I like 1 out of 3 and it held my interest all 4 hours& 23 minutes.

User Comments

1. After Everything--that doesn't show up on either Netflix or Prime for me.

5. Out in the Dark--I was angry, sad, and wistful, almost in tears during part of this moving drama.  WOW!!!!

?????tHAT'S WHERE i SAW IT!!!   There is another film by the same name but a straight movie--I looked for it but couldn't find it!!!  I know I didn't dream it!!! LOL

don't worry, I know that unlike me, you are too young to be getting forgetful.  {#basic-cool.gif}

I watched "This is where I leave you" thinking that it sounded familar.  Turns out, I had seen it before, but it is such a good movie that i was glad to watch it a second time.  A tear jerker in the best say.

I must admit Jane got me at the end!!  If you can watch the Brazilian film "Paradise LOst"--another one that took me completely by surprise--in a good way!


Oh btw, I saw part of MML on netflix...sadly, it just wasn't as good as the original.  It  seems sort of tired and the characters seem silly more than anything...loud and silly.

I watched the Brazilian movie Paradise Lost...I was somewhat disappointed at the end.  I wanted a different ending but other wise it was moving...i liked...and most of the characters were great...didn't care for Eva that much.

I ha a hard time keeping track who was related and how to!!! LOL  Eve was not talented enough!

I didn't like the character, Eve, and I think the confusion about who was relate to who was part of the story.  They were connected more than they knew.

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