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Added: Saturday, May 14th 2022 at 3:48pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: technology

It all started a week ago Saturday when I got a message "paper jam" on my printer but I couldn't find/see any paper jammed! John came over and he couldn't find any either! I had the  EPSON XP 430 for 4 years as of April 16, 2018, so I wasn't surprised it finally gave up! I needed a printer and I needed it NOW! (Hey, I am only 21--still a kid!) I went on the computer and looked for a wireless computer since I was getting a new one and could do without a couple of hanging cords. I saw a 'wireless' computer for $89 at Target (top left and center picture emphasize  "WIRELESS") and even though I thought the price was too low I ordered it. The web page said I would get it by Tuesday if I ordered before 5 PM so I did just that--it would be the second lie they told me!   

The first lie was that it was wireless and in very small print on the web page it said USB cord not included. It didn't arrive Tuesday and on Wednesday I inquired about it and was told that it wasn't in stock and as soon as they get it they ship it out. I canceled the order and went hunting again and decided to get another one advertised as wireless (LIAR!) for a little more money from Office Depot because they guaranteed delivery that day and they did get it delivered around 8 PM! I opened the box and the first thing I saw was an electric cord that has to be plugged into the wall.I looked all over the box and no where did it say you needed a UBS cord if you wanted to use it with a desktop computer!

John had an extra cord but it didn't help. He suggested I call the support number which I did and I was on the phone for 3 hours!!! It seems I had an infection (Did the computer get it from my infected blood?) in the computer. He would not call it a virus. In any case after 3 hours on the phone and a charge of $196 it worked!

Got up this morning, turned on the printer and I had a message of 'a paper jam'!!! Once again I was on the phone but this time I had a virus called the Trojan and it would require his going through my computer. No, I didn't scream, rant or rave, even when he told me it would cost $249.99 and because I was a senior there wouldn't be a tax charge (?) and I would get a credit for the $196 because at this point I knew technology was the winner and I was knocked out of the ring!

It has now been working for an hour and so far only cost me an outlay of $709.52. I haven't seen the credit reflected on my charge card (heck, how did you think I was paying for all this?!) and from something the second said I have a feeling that initial charge was a scam!!!

Oh yes, I signed a 'deal' to get the ink at half price and only when I need it BUT if I printed more than 700 pages in my trial period of 6 months it would cost more. More than 700 pages in 6 months? Heck, I 'printed' more than that because I forgot to add that the printer spit out pages without print on it the ONLY was I could stop it was to turn off the printer.

I won't and haven't even gotten into trying to get rid of the old printer and not getting the ink cartridges I had in that machine that I couldn't use but John could have nor did I mention Office Depot charges for recycling printers if  turned it in.

Last but not least HP and Office Depot talk about saving trees--won't talk about how many trees were killed this week with my printer plus I am left with the thought that maybe, just maybe, if I had gotten rid of the virus I could still be using the 4 year old printer!!!

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You described why technology is enough to start banging your head against the way.



And it was supposed to make our life easier!!! LOL

Sadly, I don't remember having a printer that worked since the very first computer than I had and that one wasn't even plugged to the internet.

I never had problems with 'wired' printers---as I said my last one  lasted 4 years!

Some time ago I had to buy a new printer.  As I have an HP All In One Computer I plumped to buy an HP wireless printer.  It came, I plugged in the power and immediately it found my PC and started to work.  I also signed up for a monthly ink deal of £1.99 per month.  As this was going to be considerably cheaper than buying ink at a discount from another source I went for this.


After twelve months HP sent me a reminder about the amount of printing I had done during previous 12 months, and as it was so little I now was able to take advantage of a reduced rate of £0.99 per month for the ink.


Just wanted to tell you this story Martin to rub your nose in it!


It's not always the cheapest which is best is it?  Anyway, glad you got your printer sorted out.


£0.99 per month for ink is about $1.20 per month.  Ho hum....

I signed up for that ink deal---first 6 months free (but I know nothing is FREE!!!!)

One who is 21 years old keeps up with the times. And one who is 21 years old forever sometimes thinks in terms of 'case law'.

And here I always thought life was over once you reached 21!!!

When I turned 25, I felt dread, knowing that I was one-quarter of the way to 100.

And now at 86 I wonder if I will reach 100!! LOL

Death is not necessary. Death is taught.



Image result for who performed the song fame irene cara

Right now I am just aiming for 2024 when I will be 22!! LOL

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