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Just saying.....

Added: Saturday, December 5th 2020 at 11:24am by greatmartin
Related Tags: weather

I might be knocking on your door Tuesday and/or Wednesday morning and/or afternoon!!

Who says we don't have 4 seasons here--and it is still only Fall!

User Comments

Right now my living room is 59 and I just turned on the heater to get the chill out.

Do you need warm clothes shipped to you?

By the time they get here it will be in the 80s agfain---unless you ship them overnight!

Brrrrrrrrrr! I place a hot water bottle under my feet when the cold hits. But its a shame nobody invented a hot water suit. Like a diving suit that could warm the whole body for an hour at a time.

By the time I would get the 'hot' suit on the temperatures will be back in the 80s---I hope!!

Yes, HaHa.

reminds me of Melbourne Australia, a city reknowned for having four seasons in one day...lol.

We stretch it out over a week!!

I actually experienced it when I was in Melbourne a few years ago.  It only happened one day but it did happen, it went from sunny/warm to rainy/cool to windy/cold to stormy/freezing!! 

I spent 4 days in Melbourne--wasn't impressed! :O)

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