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SouthernCharm sfeastbay

J. Alexander's/Redlands Restaurant review Fort Lauderdale

Added: Friday, July 1st 2022 at 4:24pm by greatmartin
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If a review was based on just service Jessica would get 5 stars but this is a mixed review with my taking a lot of the blame for what I ordered.

I haven't been to J. Alexander's since they changed the name of the restaurant to Redlands. I have been wondering what that was all about and decided to have lunch there today.
It started with my knocking over a glass of water! (Never a good start!) Jessica immediately gave us another table. The menu didn't look much different emphasizing beef before the name change. Anticipating the answer, which I didn't want to hear, I asked the server if the Prime Rib came on the bone and the answer was"no." I still should have stayed with a beef choice.
Looking over the menu I saw "Mr. Jack's crispy chicken platter South Carolina low country recipe with french fries and Southern cole slaw 23" and ever since my friend in North Carolina mentioned his cooking up a mess of fried chicken for dinner it has sort of been on the back of my mind so I decided to go with that but I should have asked if it came on the bone--it didn't! (On the check it was listed as 'chicken fingers'--if it had been listed like that I never would have ordered them!)
Sorry but the whole dish was a big disappointment--from the very thin, tasteless f(small f)rench fries to a 'Southern cole slaw' and I have never tasted such a dry cole slaw while the 'breading' on the chicken was flavorless which is why I think they offered 2 different sauces in addition to the ketchup.
Next time I will stick with beef and even though Allen's Filet Mignon was very small, and buried under the fries, he did say it was very tender and tasty.
Last, but not least, anyone who knows me I would kill for a piece of carrot cake but the 'carrot cake' I was served is so bad I left half on the plate!

Lunch cost, with tax and tip, $85. In the future I would rather stick with JMarks or the Quarterdeck for a good lunch!

PS Still don't know why they changed/added the name to Redlands on the restaurant front unless it has to do with a business decision.

User Comments

You didn't eat all the carrot cake?

It wasn't even a 'cake'!!

yuck,I hate boneless chicken.

And they had the nerve to call it "Southern"!!!

Not even!!!!

If you get prime watch the new series "The Lake"--funny, outrageous and good!

I have it, was about to list your choices for the 1st week in july, but will check this one out first.


I watched The Lake...it was funny and just good.  I also did some low-key hating of Maisie.  I wonder if there is another season...so many possibilities.

I loved them all--even Maisie!! :O)  Been doing some reserach but can't find any info regrading a second season!

There may not be, i just enjoyed it and was hoping.

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