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It's Magic!!

Added: Saturday, November 21st 2020 at 2:06pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: houseplants

A year ago today I posted basically the same picture but these are all new. Every morning I walk out of my bedroom (no light in there for flowers to bloom! LOL) into my living room, kitchen, bathroom and see blooms of Holiday Cactus, Begonias, Geraniums, white pepper blossoms if not actual peppers. Yellow Cuban plant blooms in the inside of the entrance of my front door. When I have been out whether I come in through the front or back door I am hit with red, white, yellow and pink blooms.

People compliment me on my 'green thumb' but I don't have one. All I have is good lighting and, as I like to joke, I threaten them to bloom or I'll see and they start popping up right away!

Sadly none of these flowers have an aroma or if they do not a strong one.  Maybe in 2021 I'll start looking for indoor Lilacs, Roses and other flowers that have an aroma and bloom indoors---any suggestions???

Until then I am going to start trimming the big mother Holiday Cactus plant, picture 2, and start growing more like the 'baby' I started last year--see pictures 1 and 4.

I might, if they have them, in February/March, buy some of the bulbs that The Dollar Tree usually has for sale.

User Comments

Very pretty, I'm good with outdoor plants but not indoors, I've killed lots of orchids, cacti and succulents, I did manage to keep a creeper alive for a whole year indoors once. 

I just think having the right light indoors plus there is a tendency to overwater plants in side--I only water once a week!

I think that's my problem, outside in summer here it's hard to over water, but inside either Emma (my partner) or I will over water. 

Be careful, you may have a jungle in there before you know it.

Wouldn't mind it at all!

Very pretty, I love vibrant colors.

So do I!

They're not new, I saw these same pictures last year. Get a grip man. We're not all stupid you know.{#apploud.gif}

WRONG!!!! Check the dates lower right hand corner--all new blooms!


And more today!!!

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