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sfeastbay scenefromtheleft

It is STILL Summer!!!

Added: Monday, September 13th 2021 at 10:45am by greatmartin
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#1 I got up this morning to find my Christmas cactus loaded with buds and a few blooms but it is only September!! Okay people are already talking about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and wishing their life away but not me. I don't celebrate the end of summer until it is the end of summer! So we only had a high of 91--that doesn't mean it is winter!!

#2 Can't pick on the Cuban flower because that blooms all year round--this plant is on the edge of my desk--all I have to do is break off a piece from the original plant and I have a bloom in a few days.

#3 Allen has had a pizza 'thing' so we go to Big Louie's a few times a month--best in town!

#4 The first one is an reflection of me in the water at The Point while the others are what I am surrounded by---love it!

#5 The orchid in the tree outside my window--getting a darker purple every week.

#6 Don't tell me summer is over!! :O)

#7 Back to where we were summer 2020

User Comments

It's about 84 right now at going on to 3:30pm, but after tomorrow it should be back to mid 70s. Can't wait for the 50/60 temps as a high days.

Almost Midnight and we are all the way down to 79 degrees!!

No, it is not winter yet...although I think here, it is getting a little cooler..not much but a little.

I see you are getting more rain from the latest storm--keep dry!

Yes, it has been raining, rather heavily for the last three days.  I remember making a comment to someone that I "almost thought there might have been another Hurricane" involved.

Then I found out, there really is one...we are just getting the rain from this one however.  I think maybe Texas might be getting the wind, not sure.

I for one am very glad spring is finely here, and soon it will be a nice warm/hot summer!!  I cant wait, I absolutely hate the winter cold and miserable weather.

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