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Added: Monday, March 13th 2023 at 5:36pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: life

Just getting a few reminders to put up around so I won't forget Thursday, February 29, 2024--as if I would! Have been looking for THE restaurant to hold my 22nd birthday.

This past week wasn't a good one as my TV went down, my computer mouse hasn't been working and to top it all the vascular surgeon did a--are you ready for this?---'angioplasty, atherectomy, stenting with sedation' which means he enters through a hole on a right side to get to the left leg, does some of the aforementioned, then, not kidding, what I thought was a car jack closes the wound up and I go back tomorrow after getting up at 6 am AGAIN for him to do the right leg! Actually, it didn't hurt that much but had a few restrictions for the week and though I couldn't watch TV I did rest and read a couple of books.

My friend Brian came over today and fixed everything and all the technical things are in better shape than they were. Now all I can hope is that after the doc gets finished tomorrow I will be in better shape BUT though he was optimistic about the left leg---and I haven't seen or felt any improvement YET--he wasn't sure about the right one, We will see.

Today has been  a beautiful, sunny, 90 degrees BUT with a cool ocean breeze and though we might be getting a 'cold' spell meaning it 'might' go down into the 70s I'm going to be positive and get my tap shoes out and practice my routines for the 29th----mmmmmm---maybe I'll be able to audition for the 50th anniversary of "A Chorus Line"!!

Hey, no TV so I make up my own 'series'!  LOL

User Comments

Hope all goes well with your legs. 

It was a nice day here today, but the storm is hitting later tonight with severe winds and rain.

I'm home!! A lot of iodine all over me and I can't shower for 2 days BUT I'm ALIVE!

Take care. Did the doctor say 'eat two carrot cakes and call me in the morning'? {#basic-laugh.gif}

That's why I like doctor---he did!

Hope both legs get better quickly and you are able to get around better, and be out of pain.

Doc said it would be a week before I might see a difference!

I know that waiting for things to improve can be frustrating, but hang in there.

90 degrees? Not asking, just speculating: Hawaii, the Caribbean? All the best healthwise :)

Nope--the southEast USA--Florida! 'Cold spell' tomorrow---82 degrees!

Hope you feel better soon! I like the sounds of ur cold spells better than ours! It's 26* here but we get a heatwave tomorrow... 45* I'm a few states north of you lol

i LOVE COLD SPELLS--I nget to wear my 1 one winter shirt and if really cold my one winter sweater!!!

Oh well, if you like Cold spells come north! We can help you right out! We had a Noreaster just pass through here today and its 17* tonight LOL

Of course if you want it colder, Cleveland is where and NY is where ya wanna go. They get all that fun Lake Front Effect. (I was raised in Akron- it could get colder than Anchorage in March) lol

I'll watch everyone freeze on TV! LOL

LOL Its safer that way! 

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