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If life better with steak and M&Ms???

Added: Wednesday, September 11th 2019 at 6:07pm by greatmartin
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One stop we make every Thursday when Allen takes me on my errands is Winn-Dixie, usually after lunch (and I still buy too much! There goes that theory!) I very seldom eat steak at home as I know restaurants get the best cuts but passing the meat section I saw they had steaks on sale and I said--to myself--"Self go for it, " so Self did. It didn't have the Winn-Dixie name which is rare as their slogan is "The Beef People". 

1) The steak's label said Rancher's Home bone in Ribeye Steak. Bar none it is the best steak I have ever had, just melting in my mouth with each bite. Though I am known as a fast eater I never had a steak last as long and to top it off that bone was delicious! No I didn't eat it but there wasn't a drop of meat left on it.

2) I am beginning to worry about Jacque--some of you met her at my birthday dinner in 2016. First of all she gave me a 'snacking size' of M&Ms--the whole bag!! Heck, I wouldn't even share them let alone give them away!

3) The Ionian Princess is the new boat docked here--HUGE!

4) One of the many reasons I love living here are the things I see outside my window such as this home which looks like it belongs in Monte Carlo and then there is 5) The Point which is a never ending sight of beauty!

6) And then there is Lenny the lizard who keeps the flies, among other bugs, away from yours truly.

Mmmm--I hope Winn-Dixie has more of Rancher's Home steaks!

User Comments

The photo didn't load for me , but I'm sure Lenny look dashing in it.

since when did restaurants get the best cuts? you been shopping at the wrong places....

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