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Added: Sunday, January 16th 2022 at 2:19pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: life

I spoke too soon when I said "Finally----a step---a small step--in a positive direction" yesterday. After cooking up a batch of chicken, making a steak for dinner, eating it and topping it off with a banana nut muffin I was able to relax, watch TV and do some reading. I went to sleep a little after midnight and that was it.
It is now 4:30 PM and I have been more asleep than awake in the past 16 hours. I was able to get up and give myself the half hour IV but the Sunday paper is still waiting to be read and as much as I think about taking a shower (and I need one!) that' s all I do--is think about it. At least I washed my face and brushed my teeth but each is such an effort I lay down in bed and before I know it an hour or two is gone.
All the pictures above were taken over the past 21 days and you would never know I was sick but don't judge a book by its cover! It really takes an effort just to hold my head up and type this.
All I know is what I knew when I was discharged from the hospital on December 28 only to spend the worst days of my life the next 5-6 days going to the ER every day and spending 8-10 hours just to get the 30 minutes of IV because my cardiologist failed to program the nurse to visit me until I could give myself the IV! And I won't get into how my primary doctor's nurse---Michelle---bless her--saved the day by getting the IV drug to me in time this past Friday because once again the cardiologist messed up!
All I know is what I knew when I was discharged on the 28th---I have a bad blood infection that may/could get into my aorta valve (which I don't even know the cardiologist had to 'invade') and cause all sorts of problems and that I am completely exhausted!
I do go see an infectious disease specialist this Wednesday when I hope to find out something--anything--about where I stand!
And being an optimist maybe I will be hungry again! Will let you know!
Hate to admit it but looks like I (will) need a caretaker, roommate, partner, someone to share an apartment if this keeps up no matter how much I prefer living alone.

User Comments

I'd say you've been having a really rough go of it since the 28th. If you're that tired, your system probably needs it.

23 DAYS and NO information!!

That's just messed up!!! Can you get a different doctor to take over in your treatment? The one you've got seems to be either incompetant or overwhelmed. Lately I have little faith in the healthcare system. They're doing a good job of killing us off. Don't let them.

All you can do at this point is hang on and hope for the best and keep putting one foot in front of the other, as the sayng says.  Best of my wishes.

Go to infectious desease expert on Wednesday and then hope I will find out something---anything!!

hope you do too.

You have hung in there like a trooper.  Keep on keeping on and stay strong.  I pray your health improves daily.

What else can I do? I can't give up---too much to do!!

Your determination to keeping on and pushing on, will see you through.  I hope you find out what's going on Wednesday when you see that specialist.  Good luck!

Sorry to hear you have had to be sick and deal with this for so long. Getting your care messed up sure doesn't help the situation.

Do you even know if the blood infection is getting better?


I have no idea whether better or worse or what!!! And it isn't that I am shy in asking questions!!

That was quite an ordeal you've been through.

I'd imagine there's a housing shortage down there. If so, should be fairly simple to find someone to assist your recovery at home

Looking into insurance, medicare, local organizations, etc.

Hugs and prayers for you Martin. Your dinner looks great.

If only I felt like eating it! :O)

Oh my goodness. Send it my way. lol

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