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fangio821 hillmate

I got a COVID-19 gift!

Added: Monday, September 28th 2020 at 1:39pm by greatmartin
Related Tags: healthcare

There was a knock on my door and I was handed a box from Aetna, my insurance company. I hadn't ordered any 'supplies' or meds or anything else so I had no idea what it was. It was a 'survival kit' filled with all sorts of goodies from hand sanitizer to a mask (with their name on it, of course), bandages, a pill cutter(!), cough drops, dental floss and toothpaste, eye drops, etc., to help during this COVID-19 epidemic.

I was surprised because I get $80 of over the counter items free every month and while a few of these items aren't available most are, and I will use a lot of them but, I don't think Health Sport 30 Clear spray 'for people with active lifestyles' was meant for me who thinks walking to the elevator is part of my active lifestyle!!

I love getting surprise gifts--who doesn't--and with the 5 books, to get me back into the reading habit I got earlier, and now anti-virus supplies I could get spoiled and expect gifts all the time!! LOL

User Comments

"...I could get [sic] spoiled and expect gifts all the time..."

I vote for that!!! (As long as I don't have to give/do something in return!!)

Skulking. Who do I blame for failing to teach me a better definition than the one I used to uphold. Perhaps:

Parents-to-be share bizarre pregnancy shoots… including a mum with a whip

I LOVE getting packages delivered especially surprise ones. It's so much fun.

It is a lot of fun and definitely gets a smile!!

Maybe you can trade the Sport spray for carrot cake.

For some reason the scientists don't have carrot cake on their necessary list!! What do they know?!!?

This kind of looks like the supplies I carry in my purse everyday....

Women's purses are always like medicine cabinets!! LOL

True. Lol!

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